Reader's story: For the love of Pomeranians

March 12th, 2015

After her beloved Pomeranian passed away, Susan Short still visited the local Balmain dog park with a friend. She never thought this would lead to the community coming together and providing her with a new furry friend.

Susan shares her story:

For 17 years prior to 22 December 2012, I shared my life with a small Pomeranian called Flossie.

Part of our daily routine was to take two walks in Mort Bay Park, Balmain. This is a magnificent harbourside park, much of which is designated ‘off-leash’. Flossie’s favourite game was to chase the waves made by ferries as they came into the wharf, and she loved meeting her many friends. She passed away peacefully just two days after having her picture taken with Santa.

I was extremely lonely but I continued to go to the park each day, walking with my friend Val and her dogs. At the end of June, people from the park started telling Val that they thought it was time I got a new dog. Between them, they decided that with my birthday being in July, they would all make a donation to Val so that I could get a new puppy.

One of the big pet stores in the area (PETstock, Camperdown) advertised a ‘Pet Adoption’ day. Val and I were on the doorstep when the store opened. The dogs came from Maggie’s Rescue but were all large. I told them that I was in the market for something “small, fluffy and female” and instantly was told they had just the thing.

Arrangements were made and within an hour, I had met my puppy. She was one of three born at the Rescue to her Pomeranian mum – the father was unknown but my vet thinks he was a Chihuahua. The puppy’s cost was exactly the amount that had been donated. It was love at first sight. The hardest part was the wait until she was old enough to leave her mum.

I had only had her a few days when I wrapped her in a blanket and took her out to meet my back neighbours. I knocked, and when Sylvia opened the door her mouth dropped open as she stammered, “Where did you get her?” My reply was, “Maggie’s Rescue”. She then explained how she had been following the puppies on Facebook since they were born. What a small world, but further confirmation that Mya was meant to be mine!

Maggie’s Rescue

If you would like to find out more about the rescue organisation Maggie’s Rescue or adopt a new furry friend, visit the website or their Facebook page.

Mort Bay Park, Balmain

Know before you go

Where: Lot 23, Mort Street, Birchgrove

Time: However long you would like to stroll through the area

Off-leash areas: Yes

What to take for your dog: Dog treats and some toys

What to take for yourself: Sunscreen, hat and a water bottle

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