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July 2nd, 2015
World Dog Show 2014 winner

World Dog Show 2014 winner Wendy Wouters speaks with Ben Nour about what it’s like grooming dogs for a living.

How long have you been working with dogs and how did you get started?

I have been working with dogs for 24 years. My first experience grooming dogs was during two weeks of work experience in high school with a dog groomer. After finishing school, I had a few different jobs but soon decided that dog grooming was what I liked best so I contacted grooming salons and worked for free until my skills improved and I got a paid job. I started my own salon called Wendy’s Pet Care in 1996.

What does your work involve?

My job as a professional dog groomer involves not only the grooming of pets (dogs and cats) but all facets of pet styling including show dogs. Another part of my work is mentoring other groomers that want to improve the quality of their work.

What inspires you to do your job?

The love of animals and my creative ability is what inspires me to do well.

What is the worst part of your job?

The hardest part about what I do is when clients turn up with matted dogs and expect magic to happen. It is important for pet owners to understand that their dogs require some brushing and maintenance between visits.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is seeing the smile on clients’ faces when they come back to pick up their dogs. I love seeing a thrilled customer that is satisfied with the job done and their newly groomed, beloved pet.

What is your most memorable moment grooming a dog?

Every Best in Show is a memorable moment but one of the most memorable moments would be when I was invited to spend a week as a guest instructor at the NASH Academy in Kentucky, USA. Also, traveling to New Zealand to hold a seminar for NZ groomers was an awesome experience.

What can you tell us about your World Dog Show win this year?

In August, 2014, my job included travelling to Finland with a client to present her show dog at the World Dog Show 2014. While I was there, I also handled the dog to attain a Junior World title!

For more information

Wendy and her daughter, Ellise, run WE Groom, a home-based salon located in Penrith, NSW. For bookings, call 0410 466 300 or email



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