How to take the best photo of your dog

November 23rd, 2016

We all love taking pics with our pooch, but sometimes they can be the worst models in the world.

Wagging tails, red eyes and constant distractions are just some of the problems you’ll face when trying to capture a photo of your dog. Here are a couple of tips to help you get an Instagram-worthy snap of your pooch.

  • Timing is everything
    Timing is really important when it comes to photographing your dog. Just like us, they have bad hair days. Some dogs don’t like being disturbed first thing in the morning while others are our personal alarm clocks. If you’re trying to capture a photo for tongue-out-Tuesday, try walking your pooch first.
  • Let your dog relax 
    Help your dog feel relaxed in front of the camera by using treats or their favourite toys. Try and take your photos in an environment where your pooch feels most comfortable for a more candid shot. Never force the camera on a pooch who doesn’t feel comfortable.
  • Take lots of photos
    You’re very rarely going to capture the perfect shot first up so take lots of photos before choosing the best one. That way you won’t miss if your dog sticks his tongue out or winks at the camera.
  • Avoid using flash
    Not only can the flash scare your pup, it can also leave you with a case of red eyes. Light reflects of dark dog eyes differently so it’s best to rely on natural lighting.
  • Take photos from your dog’s level
    Photos always look best when taken from the same level as your dog so get down and start snapping.
  • Get creative
    If something’s not working, get creative. Try holding a tennis ball above your camera. Not working? Why not throw the ball and capture your pooch mid-air. There are plenty of photos of dogs on the internet so getting creative will give you an edge.
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