King Leopold looked down from above, a poem by Jeanie Axton

June 1st, 2017
King Leopold looked down from above, a poem by Jeanie Axton

King Leo looked down from heaven
He had a first rate view
A nice warm blanket on cloud nine
And a doggy bone to chew

He could see his family sad
And that they missed him around
His kingly basket left empty
With his old plastic regal crown

King Leo strolled through his memories
A greyhound he loved to run
Out the door across the paddock
The faster he sprinted the more fun

He remembered his love of blankets
And parading around his home
As well as sniffing up ladies skirts
He was told not there to roam

He especially had loved the kitchen
The smell of his favourite meal
A schnitzel in the oven
To Leo was a big deal

King Leo sighed then formed a grin
As he look down from above
He was thankful for his great doggy life
Filled with his families love

About the Author

Jeanie Axton lives with her husband Nick, two dogs, two cats and three chickens in the beautiful South East of South Australian Mt Gambier, famously known for its Blue Lake. A secondary teacher at a local Lutheran College, Jeanie has been dabbling in the area of children nonsense poems for many years. She expresses the comedy in animal antics and in her poetry.

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