Slurpie the dog, a poem by Jeanie Axton

November 30th, 2016

I saw a picture of a dog slurping a drink on the internet and its inspired this poem

Slurpie the dog
Loves his smoothies
His tongue goes wild
His lips are groovy
He guzzles and gulps
Drinking real fast
This isn’t a drink
That was made to last
Green for goodness
Sugar for pop
No spilling here
Not one drop
Slurping and licking
Black eyes bright
Slurpie the dog
Filled with delight

Jeanie Axton lives with her husband Nick, two dogs, two cats and three chickens in the beautiful South East of South Australian Mt Gambier, famously known for its Blue Lake. A secondary teacher at a local Lutheran College, Jeanie has been dabbling in the area of children nonsense poems for many years. She expresses the comedy in animal antics and in her poetry. 

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