X Factor's Luke Jacobz helps out for a worthy cause

December 18th, 2013
Luke Jacobz, X Factor - Living Image Photography

Luke Jacobz, host of popular talent show X Factor, gave up his time to help promote Maggie’s Rescue with his ‘Jug’ Ollie and a host of pound dogs, writes Kylie Baracz.

Luke Jacobz has always been a lover of dogs. He grew up with a dog that his family fostered for 16 years.

“I loved having my dog Kc (when I was growing up) because he was always happy to play and was a young kid’s best friend,” says Jacobz.

Known for his acting on the TV show McLeod’s Daughters and as the host of talent show X Factor, Jacobz is also quite familiar with the plight of rescue dogs.

He recently saved a Jack Russell Terrier cross Pug, Ollie, when his flatmate declared he couldn’t keep him.

“I met Ollie in my lounge room. I heard him biting on a squeaky toy and I almost fell over in love at first sight,” says Jacobz.

Ollie gets to go for walks every day with Jacobz, gets to sleep in his bed once a week and even makes media appearances with him.

“So much of my time is taken up shooting the X Factor, but at the end of every day I love spending time with my boy Ollie,” says Jacobz.

“Ollie has a tendency to love chasing the biggest dogs at the park. I think it wears him out, which I love, but he is a swimmer! Not usual for pugs,” he says.

When acting in McLeod’s Daughters Jacobz was even able to indulge his love of dogs with a Kelpie named Rusty. He also had some funny experiences with the other farm animals.

“One of the horses on set would fall asleep during a take, which always made for funny outtakes!” says Jacobz.

Although Jacobz currently lives in an apartment, he is definitely keen to adopt another rescue animal in the future.

“When I move into a house with a yard, I will be on the phone to Maggie’s Rescue to take in a pound dog. There are so many animals purchased on the spur of the moment and then they don’t want them. I’ll be very happy to adopt again,” says Jacobz.

To the rescue

Maggie’s Rescue is a registered animal charity based in Sydney’s inner west. The charity focuses on re-homing dogs and cats from the area.

Started by Lisa Wright, Maggie’s Rescue has teamed up with Living Image photography to produce Shoot the Dog, a beautiful coffee table book that will feature 300 images of dogs, some with their owners.

As rescue dogs are close to his heart, Jacobz was able to help the charity by taking time out of his busy schedule to pose for photos with Ollie and other pound dogs for the charity’s coffee table book.

“I heard about the great work that Maggie’s Rescue does and wanted to help,” says Jacobz. “Any way that I can raise awareness to help animals that have been abandoned, I’m in.”

Wright says, “The Shoot the Dog project has been set up to raise the awareness of dogs as family, the importance of dogs in our lives and also to raise funds to assist Maggie’s Rescue in doing our work.

“Maggie’s is a bit different in that we believe that education, advocacy, supporting other animal welfare organisations, assisting with desexing programs in conjunction with rescue and rehoming is what will truly make the long term difference to the lives of companion animals in Australia. We don’t just rescue animals, we are here to be change makers.”

It really is a family affair as Jacobz’s sister Jessie writes for the rescue organisation and both are dedicated dog lovers. Jessie also adopted a puppy from Maggie’s Rescue.

“Owning a dog is a huge responsibility yet it is the most rewarding thing in the world. There is nothing comparable to coming home to unconditional love and a wagging tail,” says Jacobz.

Shoot the Dog

Artistically and beautifully designed by the Living Image Photography team, Shoot the Dog will be available to purchase for $120.

Both Maggie’s Rescue and Living Image would like to offer a 20 per cent discount to Dogs Life readers who book a sitting to be part of the coffee table book. Just visit www.shootthedog.com.au and enter the voucher code DOGSLIFE. Offer ends January 31, 2014.

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