Introducing puppies and babies

March 11th, 2014
Dr Lisa Chimes and puppies

TV vet and new mum Dr Lisa Chimes talks puppies and babies with Dogs Life editor, Kylie Baracz.

Many of us know Dr Lisa Chimes as the sweet and caring associate veterinarian of Dr Chris Brown on the television show Bondi Vet. However, since the show, much has been happening for the bubbly blonde.

Dr Chimes and her husband Brad welcomed their first child Hudson Gus into the world in July this year, adding to their family of two Cavalier cross Poodles, Nelson and Lucas. Dr Chimes feels lucky that her two “boys” have been so accepting of the new arrival.

“Nelson and Lucas absolutely love their little brother,” says Dr Chimes. “As expected, Nelson is loyal and loves to sit by Hudson’s side. Lucas just wants to play! He is desperate to teach Hudson to play fetch and constantly brings him his toys. Hudson just stares at the boys and is starting to reach out to them.

“The boys have always loved children. When we visit the dog park they manage to find a child of any age to throw the ball for them. Having friends with babies allowed us to socialise the boys so that the new sounds and smells weren’t so foreign. When we brought Hudson home, the boys were so interested and gentle. We included them in all the baby activities and, luckily, there was no jealousy. I have no doubt that they will all be best friends as Hudson grows up.”

Dream come true

As a young child, Dr Chimes seemed destined to become a vet. With her family all being animal lovers, she too was naturally drawn to them and used to “treat” injured wildlife at home.

Dr Chimes’ first pet was a Maltese cross named Tammy, given to her at just two years of age. “From then on, I was a vet in training. I used to dress my dogs up like dolls and ‘treat’ injured pigeons in the backyard. Becoming a vet was my dream as a child, but I only cemented the decision once I finished high school,” she says.

It was just lucky that when she met Brad, he also liked animals. “When we first met, Brad liked dogs. Now, after being around me for over a decade, he is officially a dog lover. As a child, he had several dogs and even managed to look after a guinea pig and her babies!” she says.

Furry pageboys

It’s not hard to see that Dr Chimes’ first loves are her pups, Nelson and Lucas. Nelson went everywhere with Dr Chimes as a puppy (he’s now eight). He now enjoys the company of his companion Lucas.

“Nelson and Lucas are my first- and second-born children,” says Dr Chimes. “Nelson used to attend university lectures with me as a puppy. He has a regal energy to him and is eternally loyal. Lucas is four and is definitely the life of the party. He is full of energy and never wants to miss out on the action.”

Nelson also used to travel to Melbourne with Dr Chimes often but, since Lucas has been around, they are both left at “their grandparents” when she does any travelling.

“They are both a little unusual. Nelson is terrified of the smell and sound of BBQs, which is a little ironic because he is the one waiting by the table to catch any scraps that fall. Lucas watches TV, howls at ambulances like a wolf and has recently developed a strange fear of the kitchen,” says Dr Chimes.

Dr Chimes’ love for her fur-babies is so strong that she even included them in her wedding in 2011. They had the very important role as the couple’s pageboys.

“The boys were always going to be at the wedding,” she says. “My husband and family knew that there would be no bride without the fluffy pageboys! I had tuxedos made for them and Nelson had the rings pinned to him. Luckily, I hired someone to look after them at the ceremony, so it all ran very smoothly.”

Into the future

So, what’s next for Dr Chimes and her growing family? Will we see her on her own TV show anytime soon?

“I don’t have any more major life changes planned at the moment. I’m just enjoying being a human mum and spending so much time with Nelson and Lucas. Balancing motherhood with work is definitely a challenge, but I’m enjoying the constant variety it brings.”

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