December 16th, 2016

A hard working farm dog, the Koolie is a favourite in country and outback Australia. Characterised by their Border Collie-cross-like appearance and their blue eyes, the Koolie’s fur can be red, black, grey and blue.


Personality: The Koolie is a loyal, responsive and energetic breed. The breed is extremely intelligent, active and fun-loving. They also make a great watchdog as they are not agressive but will bark to alert owners.

A great dog for: Active owners who love spending time with their dog in the outdoors. Farmers and anyone who is willing to spend time training their dog will benefit from the hard working, four-legged companion.

Favourite activitiesThe Koolie enjoys working on the farm and spending time in the great outdoors.

Backyard requirements: The Koolie is a very active dog and requires a lot of space to work and run. They can live in a house as long as they’re provided with ample exercise.

Breed Care

GroomingKoolies shed but they don’t require too much grooming. They’ll be happy with an occasionally brush with firm bristles and a wash when needed.

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