The K9 Scent Scramble

May 30th, 2016
Photograph by Pinnicle Photography

Launching at DOGS NSW’s Dogs on Show event in Sydney on June 11

It’s no secret dogs love playing ball! But there’s a new sport coming to Australia. The K9 Scent Scramble™ – A Whole New Ball Game!

The K9 Scent Scramble™ will have dogs diving through or into ball pits of various heights to locate and retrieve a specific item. The new sport is designed to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercises. Not only is it good for our dog’s health, it’s also a great team-bonding activity for dogs and their owners.

The K9 Scent Scramble™ is offered by Scents-Ability™ and is the brainchild of Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) Marion Brand, renown animal trainer Peta Clarke and professional detector dog trainer Trinny Teigan – all instructors of K9 Nose Work®, a fun search and alerting sport for all dogs and owners.

The K9 Scent Scramble will be launching in Sydney on June 11 at the Dogs on Show event which highlights the advantages of owning a purebred dog, along with activities you can become involved in as a DOGS NSW member with your canine companion. At competition level, the K9 Scent Scramble™ will be a timed event, with dogs getting a set amount of time to locate and retrieve a specific item. There will also be beginner classes and competitions on the day. 

Dogs on Show is a free event. For more event information, click here.

Watch the K9 Scent Scramble in action below

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