Hundreds walk with beloved Whippet, Walnut

November 14th, 2016

Hundreds of dog-lovers joined 18-year-old Walnut and his owner Mark Woods for a final walk on the beach over the weekend. 

Sympathetic dog lovers and local dogs joined the pair on Porth beach, Newquay in Cornwall for the emotional farewell.

The Whippet’s poor health meant that he couldn’t walk anymore so Woods carried him across his favourite beach alongside the support of nearly 200 people and even more dogs.

Woods confirmed on Saturday via Facebook that his beloved dog passed away.

“Walnut passed away this morning at 11.56am. The family and our three whippets, Monty, Nelson and Charlie were also in the room. He went very quickly and in my arms. I am writing this post because I owe it to everyone who has supported myself, my family and most importantly Walnut. Thank you to the hundreds of people that attended the walk this morning and to all those that had their own walks with their beloved pets at 9.30am all around the world. I also want to thank the wonderful people of Newquay for their support which I will never forget as long as I live.”

Mark and Walnut’s story has been shared thousands of times, and people from all over the UK have sent their support.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Walnut and the Woods family.

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