Top 10 Training Tips

May 25th, 2016

Training is one of the things dog owners can struggle most with. It’s all too easy to falter in your consistency every now and then, resulting in a dog that isn’t disobedient — he simply doesn’t understand what you want!

To help you conquer those training woes, the team at Nature’s Best have come up with these fabulous training tips to get your pet sitting and staying like a pro.

  1. Be consistent — you can’t expect your dog to understand not to jump up if some of the family allows it to.
  2. Reward behaviour you want to see more of.
  3. Ignore behaviour youdon’t want to see — be proactive, not reactive.
  4. Dogs don’t always generalise — practise your training in as many different locations as possible.
  5. Try to be consistent in your commands both verbal and non-verbal.
  6. If your dog is not responding, don’t presume it is being difficult; it may simply not understand what you are asking of it.
  7. Remember that behaviour should produce a treat — the treat should not produce the behaviour. Don’t bribe your dog, train it.
  8. When teaching a new behaviour, remember to add the cue word when the dog is actually doing the desired behaviour.
  9. Find your dog’s currency for training. Some dogs will do anything for a food treat, others are not as interested in food but will come alive for a toy.
  10. Always end training sessions on a good note and leave your dog wanting more

There are many training tools available, and two we like are the Clix Multi Clicker and Whizz Click. By clicking when your dog performs the desired behaviour, you will help it to realise it has completed the requested task and therefore associate the command with the right activity. Recommended by vets, the Clix Multi Clicker and Whizz Click can be used by beginners and professionals.

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