Indoor Games For You and Your Pooch

August 19th, 2015
indoor games for dogs

Cold weather giving you the winter blues? Try these top five indoor activities to keep you and your dog active, writes Kylie Baracz.

Hide and seek

If you haven’t tried this yet, you really need to. This game can provide hours of fun for you and your pet. First, find a good hiding place away from your dog’s view. Once you are settled, call out your dog’s name. You’ll be surprised how quickly they find you! Once they’ve come to you, give them a pat or a treat and start all over again.

Treat hunt

This game is great for those dogs that are food-oriented. Grab a handful of your dog’s favourite treats (make sure they are small) and hide them all over the house/specific room. Make sure your dog is in another room so he doesn’t know where they are hidden. Take note where you have hidden each treat, just in case your dog needs a little help. Then let your dog out of the room and say “Find” and point to one of the spots where there is a treat. Your dog will then go around the room/house sniffing out all the treats. Make sure to give him a good pat and maybe an extra treat at the end of the game.

indoor games for dogs

New tricks

Teaching your dog a new skill can take some time, but it’s a great way to tire him out. If you have a puppy, a rainy day can be a good time to teach the basics — sit, stay and come. Other tricks to teach include roll over, play dead and shake paw.


It might be too wet to play fetch outside, but you can still adapt the game for indoor fun. First, find an area that is free from breakable objects, such as a corridor or hallway. Choose a toy or soft ball and either roll or gently throw the object away from your dog. Once your dog retrieves the item, say “Drop” and reward your dog with a pat or a treat. Repeat as many times as you like.

Tug of war

This is an easy game to play as most dogs know what to do when you pick up a tug toy or rope. As with Fetch, you will need to find a space with no breakable objects. Pick up a tug toy or rope and hold one end. With the other end, call your dog and slightly shake the object. When your dog grabs the other end, pull at your end and enjoy the tug of war fun! Make sure your dog knows the “release” command so neither of you gets hurt.

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