A Career in Dog Medicine

September 17th, 2016
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Ever dreamed of working in medicine for pets, but the idea of becoming a veterinarian doesn’t sit quite right? Here is an option that might be truer to your style.

Practising Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Pets

When it comes to dogs and their diets, nutrition is key. By completing a Practising Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Pets at the National College of Traditional Medicine, you will study canine and feline nutrition as it pertains to the various stages of an animal’s life.

The information contained in this course will assist you with your choice of meeting the special nutritional needs for dogs and cats on an individual basis. Understanding the digestive process, coupled with the knowledge that dogs and cats are not designed to eat cooked and highly processed foods, will enable the nutritionists to aid in preventing many of the more common illnesses and degenerative diseases that nowadays seem to be more and more prevalent.

This course blows out the myths when it comes to nutrition for companion pets, and you are fully supported and industry-accredited with this qualification.

There are more courses available at the National College of Traditional Medicine.

To discover further information, visit nctm.com.au.

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