Boot scootin' dogs are ready for Summer

November 28th, 2016

Dog owners shop online for boots to protect their canine friend’s feet from the scorching ground. 

From sand to concrete, Australia’s grounds are heating up. As humans, we have the luxury of throwing on a pair of thongs before we head outdoors. It only makes sense that our dogs have the same protection.

Dog boots not only protect paw pads from hot surfaces, they also protect animal’s feet from painful bindiis which plague our favourite parks and walking grounds during the warmer months.

Our dog’s pads can also be affected by water. When dogs go swimming, their pads can soften which makes it harder to walk across harsh surfaces like tar and concrete.

So where can you purchase a pair of boots for your pooch? Ebay reported a surge in online sales and listings for dog booties since September this year. You’ll also find pairs at your local pet store.

Has your dog got their own pair of booties? Let us know in the comments below!

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