Blog of the Week: Week 3

October 15th, 2013
Blog of the week 3 - The adventures of Kevin Bacon

Trotting in all the way from California our third pet ‘blog of the week’ – ‘The adventures of Kevin Bacon!’

The blog is dedicated to Kevin Bacon the Juliana pig and his little sister, Gwen. Kevin Bacon the pig has not  met THE Kevin Bacon but would like to. Kevin enjoys restaurants, going to the park,  grazing, sunbathing, sleeping, eating, eating and more eating.

Click here to read Kevin’s blog!

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14 Responses to Blog of the Week: Week 3

  1. Windward Oaks Farm says:

    GO Kevin Bacon!!!!

  2. says:

    We all love Kevin Bacon! He is one rockin’ PIG!

  3. Kevin Bacon is my little pig Olive’s boyfriend. Yes they have a long distance relationship… but Kevin is the kind of pig who takes relationships seriously so Olive never feels neglected!

  4. Becki Jones says:

    Thank you everyone for your votes. Pass my link onto your friends too 🙂

  5. You’re a cutie Kevin Bacon!

  6. Judy Jones says:

    Wishing you luck Kevin Bacon – go piggie go!

  7. Kay Burke says:

    Yay Kevy!!!…So precious!!!

  8. Ashley Webb says:

    Yeahhhh buddy! Good luck. Love u!
    Ben even says, “Goooo Kevin!”

  9. Overton says “good luck”!!!

  10. bootsthepig says:

    Kevin, good luck! You are one cool pig!

  11. Good luck, Kevin!! <3 Melissa & Lilah Pig