Blog of the Week: Week 2

October 9th, 2013

Our second pet ‘blog of the week’ is created by Dudley Dinsdale the Rock ‘n’ Roll Yorkie and his owner Amanda!

The Bondi Beach terrier hob-nobs with the rich & famous, sets fashion trends, publishes Doggy-blogs and digs very impressive holes.

Click here to visit for some Dudley style!

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8 Responses to Blog of the Week: Week 2

  1. SPK says:

    BEST & FUNNIEST BLOG ON THE NET! Dudley is Terrific!

  2. Ringo Star Burton and mommy thinks Dudley is one Cool Dude! Rock on Dude!!

  3. tiger says:

    Just checked out Dudley’s Blog…. it’s hilarious!

  4. Fran Lawler says:

    Sam thinks Dudley is one cool dude.

  5. HappyPup says:

    WOOF…. Dudley’s is my favorite internet star

  6. Fran Lawler says:

    Dudley is my hero. Everybody vote for him!

  7. Dudley is one cool dog! Rock on Duds!