5 Dog park etiquette rules

November 22nd, 2016

A dog park is the perfect place to let your pooch run free but that doesn’t mean your dog is allowed to do whatever he or she likes!

Here are five dog park etiquette rules to help you and your dog enjoy your time.

  1. Bring your plastic bag
    Just because you’re in a park designed for dogs, doesn’t mean you can forget about cleaning up after them. Pack your plastic bag so you can throw away any business your dog leaves behind.
  2. Don’t hand out dog treats
    Your dog might behave well when you’ve got treats, but other dogs can find them distracting and they can get jealous. Bringing enough treats for every dog won’t help either. Some dogs suffer from allergies and others have their diet monitored by their owners.
  3. Vaccinate first!
    Make sure your puppy is vaccinated and cleared by the vet before they head to the dog park. The last thing you want is to bring home a sick puppy, or make another dog sick.
  4. Watch your dog
    Don’t let your dog run wild. Even if your dog is extremely well trained, they can get into the face of a dog who isn’t. Avoid confrontations with angry or scared dogs and dog owners by watching your pooch closely.
  5. Check out the park first
    Never take your dog to a park you haven’t checked out first. Check that it is fenced in. Are there any other dogs there? Make sure they’re a good fit for your pooch.
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