The Newfoundland, or Newie, is one of the gentle giants of the dog world. They are a large breed and have a thick coat, resembling a teddy bear as a pup. As members of the working dog group, the Newfoundland was used to hunt and help fishermen. A strong swimmer with a strong work ethic, the Newie is also a slobber dog.


Personality: The Newfoundland is considered a gentle giant with a mellow attitude. They have a strong work ethic, high intelligence and protective nature, especially around young children. The breed are considered one of the friendliest.

A great dog for: Families with young children will find the Newie to be a great companion and watch dog. Small toddlers will need to be monitored around the breed as their large size makes them clumsy.

Favourite activities: Swimming, frolicking and lazing around.

Backyard requirements: As with all large dogs, the Newfoundland needs space. A colder climate is best as their thick coat can often cause them to overheat. They can adapt to warmer climates if they have a fan or air conditioner to sit in front of. They are adaptable to apartment living, provided they receive daily exercise.

Newfoundland puppy

Breed Care

Grooming: The breed are one of the more higher maintenance dogs in terms of grooming. Their coat needs to be brushed a number of times a week as they shed moderately. Bathing occasionally is sufficient and dry shampoo can be used when brushing the coat to avoid stripping the coat of its natural oils.

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