Bred down in size, the Affenpinscher was originally created in the early 17th Century to be ratters in homes before working their way up to becoming women’s companions. Today the small terrier-type dogs make a great companion with a happy and mischievous attitude.


Personality: The Affenpinscher has many terrior-like personality traits. They are lively, self-confident and carry themselves with a degree of seriousness. With a loud yap and dislike of strangers these dogs are also great watchdogs. They’re quick-tempered and fearless but affectionate with their owners.

A great dog for: Due to the aggressiveness and quick-tempered manner of the the Affen, they are not suited for small children. They require lots of training at an early age to prevent anger towards strangers and other dogs. Prepare to walk a lot because these dogs need their daily exercise. The active elderly make a great companion for this lovable breed.

Favourite activities: Exercise, walking, playing games that require exercise and intelligence. You’ll need to be gentle with these dogs to prevent damage to the legs and eyes.

Backyard requirements: With minimum shedding and a small stature the Affenpinscher makes a great indoor dog. They require only a small backyard with a daily walk however a large enough yard will provide the space for enough exercise.

Breed Care

Grooming: Once a week the Affenpinscher requires their coat to be brushed to remove dead hairs and debris. Their eyes and ears will also need to be checked regularly and their teeth cleaned often. Grooming should take place weekly from an early age to prevent aggressive tendencies towards the rituals. Trimming the coat every few months will make grooming easier.