Borzoi - Russian Wolfhound

Commonly referred to as the Russian Wolfhound, the Borzoi has been used for hunting wolves, foxes and rabbits since the early 17th century. Shaped much like a greyhound, the breed is characterized by their long muzzle and nose. The Borzoi walks with a proud strut making this an elegant dog, associated with aristocracy.


Personality: The Borzoi is an intelligent breed of hound which is proud and very loyal to their family. The Borzoi is an old hunting breed and will never grow out of its hunting tenancies. Good around other dog breeds, the hound will need to be socialized with other non-canine animals at a young age to avoid chasing them, however they will likely continue to chase after a fleeting animal into their adult life.

Borzoi - Russian - Wolfhound

A great dog for: The Borzoi is good natured but hesitant with children as they don’t enjoy rough play time. They thrive in training but require a patient owner.

Favourite activities: Training, long daily walks, hunting and running.

Backyard requirements: All hound breeds require large amounts of open space however these dogs can adapt to indoor living provided they are taken on long daily walks.

Borzoi - Russian - Wolfhound

Breed Care

Grooming: The Borzoi sheds a moderate amount of hair and their coat needs to be groomed regularly. The fur is easy to brush with dry shampoo. The hair between the pads on their feet will also need to be trimmed frequently.

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