Valley Bulldog
Valley Bulldog

Also known as the Bull Boxer, the Valley Bulldog is derived from a cross breed of the English Bulldog and the Boxer. The distinguishing characteristics of this breed include their broad head, muscular stature, thick neck and broad shoulders. Their short coat is commonly brindle, solid white, fawn or a mixture of those colours.


Personality: These athletic dogs have a funny and playful personality. The Valley Bulldog thrives on human interaction and isn’t afraid to show their love and loyalty to their owners. If raised indoors they also develop a protective nature.

A great dog for: Clean by nature and very low maintenance, the Valley Bulldog makes a great addition to the family. They have a lot of energy so they make a great companion for active children. The Valley Bulldog will assume responsibility and guardianship of young children, keeping them safe.

Favourite activities: Playing, getting pats, long walks and chew toys.

Backyard requirements: The Valley Bulldog is of medium size so they can handle living indoors. A brisk, long walk will help them keep fit and avoid destructive behaviour. They are also comfortable living outdoors with room for exercise as long as they are paid attention.

Breed Care

Grooming: With a short coat and minimal shedding, the Valley Bulldog doesn’t require much grooming. Baths are only necessary if they get dirty and they can be wiped down with a wet cloth. The skin fold around the face, tail and genitals needs to be cleaned and dried regularly to avoid infection.

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