The Otterhound is a large work and hunting dog, bred for their sense of smell and stamina. Today the breed is characterised by their keen nose and shaggy coat which grows low on their face. Their infamous outer and under coat is easily managed.


Personality: Friendly with humans and all other dogs, the Otterhound is a great addition to the family. However their hunting instincts will take over when other animals are around so care should be taken when walking them. Although an intelligent breed, the Otterhound will take a lot of patience to train.

A great dog for: Active dog owners and families.

Favourite activities: Swimming, running, playing, hunting, jogging and chasing after smells.

Backyard requirements: The Otterhound is an extremely active breed and will choose to jog rather than walk alongside their human companion. They should be allowed to swim as often as possible as it is one of the exercises they are best at and has the lowest risk of injury. The Otterhound will require a large and well-fenced backyard to avoid then slipping through when chasing a scent. A good jumper, the breed will be able to jump most common fences so they will need to be strong and tall. They are able to live indoors with the family as long as they are exercised regularly.

Breed Care

Grooming: The Otterhound’s coat should be combed weekly but can be washed as needed. Their beard should be washed more regularly. There is minimal shedding and no trimming required.

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