Yorkshire Terrier

September 26th, 2015
Yorkshire Terrier

British born and bred, the Yorkshire Terrier is a fairly recent man-made toy dog who loves to be pampered. These terriers are small but don’t let that fool you! They’re a great chaser of birds and rats and won’t be put off by larger dogs. Early socialization is important for the breed to avoid shrill barking and a bad temper. Characterized by their lovely locks in gold and blue, daily grooming is a necessity.



Personality: A small dog with a very big attitude, the Yorkie isn’t afraid to show those bigger dogs who’s boss. With medium levels of energy and high intelligence, the Yorkie is happy with a strut down the road or a long walk to the park as long as they can stop and sniff.

A great dog for: Yorkshire Terriers are great around children but care must be taken for their small build and bones make them more susceptible to injury. Daily grooming is a necessity. Someone with ample time to dedicate to their dog will love the company of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Favourite activities: Guarding against strangers, cuddling, chasing birds, sniffing and showing who’s boss.

Backyard requirements: The small breed is one of the hardest to house train. Although the Yorkie doesn’t like the cold and rain, access to the outdoors is still required. A closed in dog area with quick access to the backyard so the dog can relieve its small bladder or a dog litter box is preferred.

Breed Care


Grooming: The Yorkie sheds little hair however their long locks need brushing daily. Hair under and around the tail will need to be cleaned regularly and their teeth brushed daily. A bath is only necessary once a month.

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