Wire Fox Terrier

October 1st, 2015
Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier is said to have originated in the mid 19th century as a cross between the Airedale Terrier, Bull Terriers, Greyhounds and Beagles. Their distinguishing features include their narrow head and dense, wired coat. Originally bred to assist in the hunting of vermin and foxes, the Wire Fox Terrier now makes a great companion.


Personality: The lively and energetic Wire Fox Terrier is both brave and bold. They absolutely love their family and will do anything to protect them. Much like other terriers, the Wire Fox is intelligent but stubborn. Training is important from a very young age to avoid bad behaviour in the future. They like to play rough so make sure they’re treated to outdoor games and long walks. If possible, it’s a good idea to let the Wire Fox off the leash to run, however they will chase smaller dogs so be vigilant.

A great dog for: Affectionate and protective, the Wire Fox is great for families with young children with time and energy to play with the dog outdoors.

Favourite activities: Playing games, staying active, fetch, long walks, running, playing with children.

Backyard requirements: The larger the space the better for the Wire Fox Terrier. However, they can adapt to apartment living as long as they’re taken on long daily walks. A backyard is preferred.

Wire Fox Terrier

Breed Care

GroomingThe Wire Fox Terrier requires a lot of grooming to look its best. Hand trimming their coat is necessary several times a year, best done by a professional. To keep the double-layered coat tangle free, the coat requires brushing a couple of times a week.

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