Welsh Springer Spaniel

January 1st, 2009
Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniel



Care and exercise
The Welshie is an active dog and does best when able to get a fair amount of exercise, playing around the garden or free running in the park. Youngsters are an asset in this regard the Welshie enjoys romps and games such as chase and fetch. Otherwise, it will be content to spend a lot of its time simply in human company. Its typical spaniel coat is easy to look after, with regular brushing the main requirement and bathing only when necessary.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a relatively easycare, friendly, affectionate, sensible, sturdy, small/medium dog capable of fitting in just about anywhere, provided that he is given enough exercise and allowed to be part of the family. Given plenty of human contact and affection, he will repay it over and over.



Not many people can go past a good Welshie. Not only do they make wonderful companions they are also intelligent, affectionate and easy to train!

This very attractive cousin of the better-known English Springer Spaniel differs mainly in that it stands two or three centimetres shorter, and comes only in a glorious red and white jacket, rather than the latters black and white or liver and white colour schemes. As the name suggests, this version of the hunting spaniel was developed in Wales, has existed for centuries and is still very much a favourite there today. And why not? The Welshie, as it is generally known, is a little less boisterous than the English Springer, but every bit as intelligent, affectionate, good with children and as easy to train or to look after.

A handy small/medium size, the Welshie stands about 47-48cm at the shoulder and averages around 16-20kg in weight. A robust, active sporting dog and typical spaniel, this breed responds well to training, loves a game, and is always ready for a run or walk. Bred to live with and work for its master, the Welshie is a true family dog who is always ready to please.


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