Tibetan Terrier

December 16th, 2008
Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier



Care & Exercise
Although not a hard coat to maintain, it does need a good brush at least every second day and regular bathing. With moulting of the double coat every six months, extra time is needed to remove all the dead hair. A regular trim of the coat round the eyes and feet, as well as checking of the ears, is essential. This is a lively, intelligent breed and care must be taken to train the puppies in obedience right from the time they join their new family. The TT is not demanding but needs a good walk or a game to keep it fit and happy.

This sheepdog-like small breed can be a most devoted family companion. Its coat does take time to maintain and if you do not relish the thought of brushing a longish coat for about an hour every second day, this is not the breed for you. The Tibetan Terrier is a gentle, engaging breed who is a loyal, outgoing family pet, capable of adapting to almost any circumstance as long as it has human company.



This lovely dog is sure to win over your heart and soul. With their loving and intelligent nature this darling breed is sure to light up your home.

Little is known of the Tibetan Terrier in the Western world until about 70 years ago, but in its own country, it is thought to have been around for about two millennia. Bred by Tibetan monks, the breed is known as a symbol of good luck and, as such, is very much treasured. The dogs, referred to as TT, were often presented as gifts to special friends to bring them luck in the future. The dogs were never bought or sold, as one could never sell luck and might tempt fate. Besides being an affectionate companion, these dogs were sometimes used as an all-purpose farm dog. Their zest for life and enthusiasm for joining in family daily life abound. They are intelligent and game and make a good watchdog but, being good natured, they would never make a guard dog. Although called a Terrier, this breed has no terrier blood or traits and the name is somewhat misleading.

The TT is a compact breed, square in shape, and about 35 to 40cm high at the shoulders. The heavily furnished head and body are covered in a double coat of fine woolly undercoat and profuse, fine, long outercoat. This can be either straight or waved but never curled. It varies in colour from white through gold, grey to black and parti-colours and tri-colours. In fact, any colour except chocolate or liver. With its black nose peeking out of its fall of hair from over its round eyes and small beard, the Tibetan Terrier is a very attractive animal. Its high set, medium length tail is carried in a gay curl over the back and covered in long hair. Although not one of the glamour breeds of the dog world, the TT is a handsome breed who is outgoing, alert and intelligent. An unusual feature is their large, round feet which are down on their pads. There is no arch in the feet but that does not stop this lively dog jumping to good heights if it has the mind to do so.

A sturdy, medium-size breed, very lively but loyal in nature, they appreciate the companionship of their family but can be sparing of affection to strangers.


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