Shih Tzu

July 28th, 2008
Shih Tzu


Care and exercise

The Shih Tzu is a high-maintenance breed, unless you choose to clip that glorious coat off which some owner prefer to do with their very old dogs. However, assuming that the beautiful hair is a large part of the attraction of owning this breed, you will want to maintain it in the best possible condition. This means never missing a daily grooming session of half an hour to an hour (or more if you really enjoy it). Combing and brushing, cleaning around the eyes and checking the ears are the routine, with a dry shampoo or bath every few weeks. This breed will generally get its own exercise around the house, but will always enjoy an outside walk or romp as well.


With no vices, an endearing and charming personality and not much size, this is an indoor breed that can fit in anywhere, provided that it can be very much part of the family, and plenty of time and effort are available for its daily care and grooming. The Shih Tzu is an ideal breed for the person who loves lavishing affection on their dog and enjoys the act of brushing a long, luxurious coat.

This very popular small dog makes a wonderful doggy companion. This highly intellectual breed will have you eating out the palm of its handor should we say paw!

First, lets clarify the pronunciation say it as Sheed Zoo, or Shid Zoo, and either way it means lion dog. Believed to have originated in Tibet, its forebears are said to include the Lhasa Apso, Pekingese and Pug. The Shih Tzu reached the western world via China in the 1930s and has never looked back. Small but with plenty of substance, what it lacks in size the Shih Tzu makes up for in intelligence, charm and arrogance, not to mention glamour! One of the all-time great lounge-lizards and lap-dogs, the Shih Tzu revels in its daily grooming session. And why not? Its the canine equivalent of us having a full body massage every day! A delightful, amusing, affectionate and very intelligent little dog, the Shih Tzu loves being part of the household and is particularly good with children.

With a long, straight, dense coat reaching the floor or more, and any colour being permissible, this breed is canine beauty personified. Such is the length of hair over the face that the Shih Tzu usually wears a bow or clip to hold it up in a topknot. Adult height should be about 25cm, and weight between 4.5 and 8kg.

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  1. Bar Kanan says:

    shih tzu dogs needs alot of grooming but this dogs are full with love to give bake
    look at this cute shih tzu puppy in the bath

  2. Purple.Kat says:

    Sweet little dog