Scottish Terrier

November 10th, 2008
Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier



Care and exercise
The Scotties coat, if left ungroomed, will result in the dog looking like a well-used doormat on legs. It is a particularly hard, harsh jacket which needs a couple of thorough strippings and many trimmings per year to retain the true Scottish Terrier appearance and finish. Unless you have or can obtain the necessary expertise, the major strippings are best left to a professional groomer. As to exercise, the Scottie will normally get all it needs around the house or yard, but if you take it for a walk you will probably wear out before it does.

Scottish Terriers are hardy, adaptable small dogs suitable for any size of house or apartment and, while generally dependable with young children, are probably at their best with an adult family. Their quiet, sober habits and protective instincts make them ideal companions for older folk.



This courageous little dog is well known for gracing the screens of commercials for many brands and promotions. No wonder its such a sort-after dog all over the world.

Whisky drinkers will instantly recognise the Scottie as the black dog on the Black & White Scotch label. This may be the reason for this breeds world-wide popularity for over a hundred years. As you may just have guessed, the Scottish Terrier hails from a certain country north of England, specifically from the Aberdeen district. In fact, it was originally known as the Aberdeen Terrier, bred to hunt the various burrowing animals considered vermin by the Scottish farmers. This accounts for its sturdy, low-slung body, long, strong foreface and tough, dense, wiry coat, not to mention its courage and tenacity. Black is not its only colour the Scottie also comes in the less common wheaten and brindle coats.

Somewhat reserved, even dour, to its family the Scottie is a loyal, affectionate, cheerful but not excitable, independent little dog who makes few demands of them. It is also a very good watchdog. Weighing in around 9-10kg, the Scottish Terrier stands about 27cm at the shoulder.


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