September 28th, 2008


Care and exercise
The Rottweiler is a large, active, agile, intelligent working dog, and needs plenty of room and plenty of exercise. It also is happiest if allowed to be part of the family. The need for early and serious socialisation and obedience training has already been mentioned, but is worth repeating. Routine coat care consists of regular brushing and the occasional bath.

This is most definitely a breed for the experienced dog owner, with a good working knowledge of obedience training and rearing a dominant breed. In the right hands, with plenty of space and exercise and a kind but firm upbringing, the Rottweiler is capable of becoming one of the very best family companions and guardians. In the wrong hands, or if neglected, it can be a serious problem.

This georgouis bostiours breed has caputure the hearts of millions across the world. With their big brown adorable eyes and cheeky smile its no wonder why!

Let’s clear up the matter of pronunciation first: its Rot-viler, not weeler or wiler. Mind you, to its friends its simply the Rotty! This magnificent breed had its origins a couple of thousand years ago when the Roman armies invaded southern Germany, bringing with them camp dogs to drive and guard their livestock and beasts of burden. These dogs became popular around the market town of Rottweil and were used for centuries as herding and guard dogs by the livestock traders and butchers of the area. These traders used to tie their money bags around their dogs necks on the way out to buy livestock around the district, then use the dogs to drive the cattle back to the market. In more recent times, the Rottweiler has found great favour around the world as a Police, Army, Customs and protection dog par excellence.

Years ago, the Rotty developed a reputation for aggression and viciousness, much of which was merited. Nowadays, the great majority of breeders worldwide pay very careful attention to the temperament of their puppies and this breed is generally very reliable and stable. It is still capable of being easily trained (or mis-trained) as a fearsome guard dog, so it is absolutely essential that all Rottweilers be carefully raised, socialised and obedience trained right from the start. When this is achieved, the result is a trustworthy, faithful, affectionate, friendly family companion of the most rewarding kind. It is, however, a dominant breed and definitely not the dog for a first-time owner, or an owner lacking a strong personality.

Large, compact and very powerful, the Rotty can reach almost 70cm at the shoulder, and weigh over 60kg. This is a lot of dog, and if not fully trained and under proper control, can be a real handful. Its short, thick coat comes only in black with tan markings.

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