August 3rd, 2008


Care and exercise
Exercise for the average Pom is well taken care of by its own rushing around the house, but it will appreciate the occasional walk or romp in the garden. The coat is high-maintenance it requires brushing daily to keep it clean and free of mats and tangles and thorough combing and brushing during the twice-annual shedding of undercoat. Eyes need daily attention and as Pomeranians are susceptible to early tooth loss dental care is important.

The Pomeranian is an attractive, likeable little dog who will make a most rewarding pet in almost any circumstance, as long as its owner is ready and willing to spend half an hour or so per day on grooming. Its diminutive size and very fine bones suggest that small children or rough play are best avoided.

This very affectionate breed is sure to win your heart.
Not only are they great little dogs, they are also very loyal and loving to their owners and friends.

Looking like a ball of fluff on legs, this delightful little two kilogram dog was, about 120 years ago, once seven times larger, averaging some 14kg. Descended from such breeds as the Samoyed, Elkhound, Finnish Spitz and possibly the Chow Chow, the passion of the Victorian era of miniaturising dogs saw it reduced to its present size.

The Pomeranian was a great favourite with Queen Victoria and this had the effect of making it a fashionable choice of Society Ladies in Britain and Europe, closely followed by America. With its fox-like face surrounded by abundant coat, its liveliness and endearing ways, the Pomeranian has since established itself as one of the most popular toy dogs throughout the world. This is an extrovert breed, vivacious and intelligent and a surprisingly alert and very efficient (and noisy) little watchdog.

The abundant, bouffant coat of the Pomeranian makes it appear bigger than its actual tiny size. Get your hands in under that coat, or pick one up, and you will see just what a small dog is hiding there! An attraction of this breed, apart from its glamour and happy disposition, is the choice of colours available white, cream, orange, brown, black, blue, whole colours or patched.

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  1. Purple.Kat says:

    Hello, I am helping my friend choose a dog breed because she is getting one in a few months. We have narrowed the choices down to the Pomeranian. We did our research on the breed and found it quite suitable. But just to make sure, do Pomeranians make good pets after all and any other big downsides to the breed? Thank you for your help. My friend also has a lot of spare time and is very willing to groom the dog often.