Miniature Pinscher

January 16th, 2009
Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher



Care and exercise
A very small but very active dog, the MinPin will get most of his exercise itself around the place, but the odd game or walk will always be welcomed. Bathing, when needed, can be done in the laundry tub and the very short coat requires nothing else other than hound glove grooming, or even just a daily rub over with the hands. MinPins spending most or all of their time indoors will need regular nail filing or trimming.

The Miniature Pinscher is a small, clean, low-maintenance breed suitable for any sized premises and most family situations. It is quite spirited and intelligent and if not trained early will try to run the household so it should be gently but firmly shown its place from day one. It is an excellent alarm or watchdog and this, with its diminutive size, make it a very good choice for older people and those living alone.



This great robust, small breed makes a wonderful companion in any situation.

The MinPin to his friends, this bold, alert, game little dog was developed in Germany around the mid-1800s as a ratter, capable of doing his work in the most confined spaces where bigger breeds could not. The German word pinscher conveys a similar meaning to terrier and the MinPin certainly has plenty of terrier characteristics. While it may look in some ways like a bonsai Dobermann, the Miniature Pinscher was bred down from the larger German Pinscher and other small, smooth-coated dogs of the day and was, in fact, a pure breed many decades before the Dobermann came into existence. With its clean lines, alertness, perky face and proud head carriage, the MinPin is particularly distinguished by its high-stepping hackney gait.

Standing about 25-30cm high at the shoulder, and averaging around 4kg, the MinPin really is a small dog, but although it comes from the Toy group it has the heart and mind of a much bigger dog. Its alertness and very keen sense of hearing make it an excellent watchdog. This breed comes in several colours black, blue or chocolate, all with tan markings, and solid red of various shades without markings. Its coat is very short, smooth and glossy.


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