Italian Spinone

December 5th, 2015

Rugged in appearance, the Italian Spinone is a gentle, kind and loving dog who makes a great addition to the family. The breed was originally bred as a gun dog and today remains alert and vigilant. The Spinone is characterised by its stiff, dense and flat coat.


Personality: The enthusiastic Spinone is a very keen learner and a gentle giant. The breed respond well to training from an early age and soft voices. The Spinone is a very loyal companion who loves children.

A great dog for: The friendly nature of the Spinone make this breed a great addition to the family. The breed are active and need to be exercised regularly so owners must not be time poor.

Favourite activities: Walking, jogging and playing with human companions.

Backyard requirements: The Italian Spinone is a very good jumper and occasional digger so owners must take precautions to ensure backyard fencing is high and secure.


Breed Care

GroomingThe unique Spinone coat needs to be brushed weekly. The coat doesn’t collect much dirt so only needs to be bathed occasionally but the fur around the mouth should be monitored for food and drool.

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