Field Spaniel

July 7th, 2008
Field Spaniel


Care and exercise

The Field Spaniel is a small-medium sized dog with no exaggerations and has no special care requirements other than normal exercise, ideally including retrieving games. Coat maintenance consists of regular (preferably, but not essentially, daily) brushing, bathing as required, and trimming of feathering for neatness. Hair between the toes should be kept well trimmed.


As a hunting spaniel, the Field is an active dog with the need for frequent exercise and is best suited for a family with plenty of yard room. Its calm, docile disposition and sturdy build make it an ideal children’s pet, but suits it just as well to an older person who can take it for regular walks.

This wonderful Spaniel is perfectly suited to family lifestyle, with their easy-going nature and friendly characters they are sure to add pure delight into any loving home.

This is one of the oldest British spaniel breeds, which for a number of reasons had almost died out by the 1940s. Hard work and dedication by a handful of breeders saw a gradual increase in numbers and, whilst ranking well behind Cockers and Springers in popularity, the Field Spaniel has just about regained its rightful place in the dog world.

Unlike its cousins, which come in solid colours or white with all sorts of patterns, the Field Spaniel should be black, brown or roan all over with only small tan markings or a white chest spot. Standing around 45cm at the shoulder and weighing 18-25kg, the Fields size fits it midway between the smaller Cocker and larger Springer Spaniels, with a relatively easy-care coat similar to theirs. Their great appeal as a family dog stems from their nature they are unusually docile, easygoing, friendly-to-a-fault dogs, active but not hyper, loving company but not needing it full time.

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