October 9th, 2008

Despite being ruled by an insatiable desire for food and a nose more powerful than Pinocchio’s, the Beagle is one of the world’s most loved pooches and quickly earns its “most cherished” status in any family it joins. By Michelle Amdur.


Personality: You’ll wonder how you ever lived without your beloved Beagle after having one of these happy, cheerful pooches in your life for a while. Lots of fun and very affectionate, the Beagle is extremely friendly and gets on well with all people and animals. One thing to watch out for — this breed will try every trick in the book to get its paws on food.

Favourite activities: Being a hound, sniffing is a joy for this breed and daily walks with mum and dad, being able to sniff the time away and have a romp with other dogs are heavenly activities for the merry Beagle.

Watchdog qualities: The Beagle is very friendly but will bark to alert you if a stranger approaches.

Backyard requirements: The Beagle does not do well left alone and needs lots of stimulation when you are out. Most important is to make sure there are no escape routes in your garden as this little fellow will dig his way to freedom to follow a scent. Secure fencing is a must.

Hereditary diseases: Generally the Beagle is a healthy breed but can suffer from epilepsy, heart and eye problems and sometimes spinal problems. Buying from reputable breeders will help avoid getting a pup with health problems. Most important is to watch your Beagle’s diet as they are prone to obesity if allowed to eat more than they should.

Care of the breed

Daily: Make sure your Beagle gets a good daily walk to keep it happy and stimulated. Regulate you Beagle’s food and don’t be influenced by those big, sad, brown Beagle eyes to overfeed your dog. Ensure fresh water is always available.

Weekly: Although the Beagle has a short coat, it does shed, especially in spring. A brush once a week will help keep hairs o” your floor. Keep an eye on your Beagle’s long ears as they can get ear infections due to lack of air circulation. Ensure eyes are clean and bright.

Monthly: Your Beagle will only need to be bathed when necessary but Beagles do have a penchant for rolling in unsavoury substances, so watch for strange odours emanating from your pooch. Make sure nails are clipped.

Other: Heartworm, flea treatments and gastrointestinal worming.







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