Australian Terrier

January 13th, 2015

Created in the early 19th Century by the British, the Australian Terrier was bred from a number of Scottish and British terriers to hunt snakes and guard sheep. As with all terriers, the Australian is a small dog with a big personality and stubborn attitude. The breed are characterized by their short stature, lively and energetic nature and long neck and back. The Australian Terrier’s coat can be blue, tan, steel blue, dark grey blue, solid sandy, red or solid black.


Personality: The Australian Terrier is a friendly and obedient dog. The breed tend to be stubborn, much like other terriers but they are hard working and great watchdogs, always eager to please their owners. Intelligent, they can be trained from a young age but it does require patience.

A great dog for: An energetic owner who is willing to take the time to train them. The Australian Terrier makes a great family pet and is well behaved around young children.

Favourite activitiesThe Australian Terrier is a very energetic breed who requires a lot of exercise. They will work to keep busy but need to be given something to do. They love playing games and going on long walks.

Backyard requirements: A secured fenced backyard is necessary to stop the terrier from wandering off on an adventure. The Australian Terrier can live indoors, provided they receive enough exercise to burn off their energy.

Breed Care

GroomingThe Australian Terrier needs to be brushed and combed at least once a week to keep the coat healthy and minimize shedding. Baths are only needed as required and ears should be checked regularly for hair.


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