Australian Kelpie dog: Facts, Breed Information and where to find them

October 3rd, 2017
Australian kelpie dog

The Australian Kelpie dog is a highly intelligent and active dog breed that is suitable for families.

Australian Kelpie Facts

Personality: The Kelpie dog is an alert, active and friendly dog who’s devoted to his family. Hes also highly intelligent, eager to please and devoted to work.

Suitable for: An active person or family who enjoys training and spending time with their dog. The Kelpie is a devoted one-man or one-family dog and will expect to be included in the family outings!

Favourite activities: The Kelpie loves activity and enjoys flyball, agility, obedience and herding the sheep on the farm. He’ll need to be obedience-trained from a young age but will learn things pretty quickly.

Backyard requirements: The Kelpie is a true working dog and will thrive on a large property, but he’ll adapt to a large backyard as long as he has plenty of mental stimulation, such as daily walks and games. He won’t take kindly to being left in the backyard and will quickly become destructive if bored or ignored.

Watchdog qualities: While the Kelpie is a friendly breed, he can be protective of his family and property and will bark at strangers or any unusual happenings on his property.

Breed Care

Daily: A balanced diet and fresh water. Will need a good walk each day or plenty of games to keep his mind and body stimulated. Loves activity and will thrive given plenty of attention and exercise.

Weekly: Two brushes a week should suffice.

Monthly: Ear cleaning, nail trimming, heartworm, flea and tick treatments (if living in a tick area).

Regular: Bathe when necessary. Gastrointestinal worming and vaccinations are essential part of owing a dog.

Hereditary diseases: The Kelpie dog is a fairly hardy and healthy breed. Hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy do exist in the breed. Always buy your pup from a registered breeder.

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  1. Morrison says:

    this breed of dog is soo cute my friend has one named axel

  2. What about a kelpie cross sharpei? Not sure about this breed are they atny good with children or not? Easy to train or stubborn? Do they bark a lot or just protective?

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  4. Linda Ahmed says:

    I have an 8 week old kelpi puppy.Any home cooked recipe ideas?

    1. Bordercollie says:

      bark bbq treats meat bbq sauce honey flour eggs and ingredients of choice as well as amount but put them in fridge in container they go mouldy and you can also add dogie biscuts