Australian Cattle Dog breed

December 23rd, 2008

The Australian Cattle Dog breed is loyal, thrives on attention and makes a great farm dog and companion.


Personality: If you’re looking for a loyal, intelligent and energetic companion, then the Australian Cattle Dog is the dog for you. Always eager to please, no job is too big or too small for this active pooch. The breed thrives on attention, enjoys playing games and has an abundance of energy.

Suitable for: Otherwise known as the all-rounder of the dog world, the Australian Cattle Dog can still be seen working with cattle today, but their loyal qualities, medium size and love of people make them ideal household pets. Due to their energetic nature this breed is best suited to an active person or family.

Favourite activities: The Australian Cattle Dog is full of life and keen to succeed in whatever activity it puts its mind to. They love a good long walk, will chase a ball for hours on end and don’t mind getting their feet wet at the beach either. Party tricks are another talent of the Australian Cattle Dog and are a great way to stimulate the mind and impress visitors.

Watchdog qualities: Devoted to duty, the Australian Cattle Dog rates very highly as a watchdog, protective of both owner and property. This breed is wary of strangers, but not aggressive.

Hereditary disease: The Australian Cattle Dog is generally a healthy breed, however they can suffer deafness at birth, which comes from the Dalmatian connection. Make sure you buy your dog from a recommended, qualified breeder to avoid any problems.


Breed Care

Daily: If you are not a big fan of exercise, then the Australian Cattle Dog is not the dog for you. Bred to run up to 50km per day, exercise is very important to this breed and they need a walk or run in an off-leash dog park every day or least every other day.

Weekly: If grooming is not your thing, then the Australian Cattle Dog is the ideal companion for you. This breed has a double coat, which means they have a coarse outer coat and a dense, woolly undercoat. The double coat helps to insulate the dog from extreme heat or cold. Brushing or combing once a week should be sufficient to keep the Australian Cattle Dog in tip-top condition.

Monthly: Depending on activities and the surrounding environment, the Australian Cattle Dog needs a bath every few weeks or at least once a month to keep it looking and smelling good. Due to this breeds double coat, it should be checked regularly for ticks and should have necessary treatment for heartworm, ticks and fleas. Nails should also be checked and trimmed regularly.

Breaking the Oldest Dog record!
Did you know the Australian Cattle Dog holds the oldest dog record? Bluey the Australian Cattle Dog lived to the ripe old age of 29 years, working sheep for 20 of those years.

For more information on Australian Cattle Dog breeders and clubs in your state visit the websites of:
Australian National Kennel Council on




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2 Responses to Australian Cattle Dog breed

  1. bradchaus says:

    I have had 15 ACD’s … every one of them has had it’s own personality, all adorable, selfless, smart as a whip, and loyal to the end … the BEST of Man’s Best Friend in my honest opinion. They are low maintenance, but do need a fair bit of exercise until their later years, and great watch dogs, and I’ve never had one bite a stranger (or anyone in fact), but they have baled them up 🙂 … BUT, they suffer the same thing all dogs do … they just don’t live long enough … when the inevitable time comes, it tears one’s heart out. But if you want the BEST EVER canine companion, grab one of these. And especially now with farms under such stress with drought etc., there’s quite a few looking for good homes because their poor owners just can’t afford to keep them anymore … so rescue one, or a dozen 🙂 … the farmer whilst sad to see his mate go away will still be terrifically happy knowing someone has given his great mate a good home.

  2. doggirl says:

    when I am older I will get one