WIN! Vitapet Real Meat Tenders

March 18th, 2015

Vitapet has launched a new range of delicious hand-prepared real meat tenders for dogs. Made with premium fresh meat and containing no off-cuts or fillers, these tasty treats are the perfect healthy snack all dogs love to love. Available in four delicious varieties, chicken, duck, beef and kangaroo, they make a great everyday snack and sought-after reward for good behaviour when training.

Entries close April 15, 2015 and will be judged on April 20, 2015.

Dogs Life has three gift packs that include one of each flavour (chicken, kangaroo, duck and beef) to give away. **To enter, please leave a comment in the box below telling us in 25 words or less why you and your dog would love to win**

Please remember to sign in and update the Contact Info for Competition section and read the Condition of Entry before entering.

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51 Responses to WIN! Vitapet Real Meat Tenders

  1. my poodle has pancreatitis and cant eat anything but we tried these once and she was not sick with them!

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  2. says:

    Frankie-Baby is a fuss pot who doesnt like to eat the same things, some new fancy treats to try would help train his crazy soul into a more managable one.

  3. lauraemily says:

    My little maltese dogs love their daily treats after their walk, this would be a great surprise for them!

  4. My dogs would love to try these . We are always trying different scoobie snacks out ( there ears prick up when the word scoobie snack is mentioned )

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  5. Gus is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed but will try very hard to complete any task when treats are involved!

  6. Heide Taylor says:

    My two dogs just love the chicken and beef tenders, it would be great to have extras.

  7. bexxa says:

    My dog will do tricks for treats. The healthy Meaty Tender Treats from Vitapet are sure to make my best mate a happy dog.

  8. my puppy would definitely be up for trying new treats! She loves her unhealthy treats but would definitely benefit from this healthy product!!

  9. maybe says:

    Staghound Moose says, “Please stop my dad from giving me unhealthy treats made from animal by-products. I want the good stuff from Vitapet!”

  10. Leah Whetton says:

    I purchase these for my children as they are the healthiest & yummiest for them. We play “Seek and Treat” where I hide treats then let them in & they have to find them haha.

  11. Monty says:

    My Monty would love to try these treats. I’m happy to see that they don’t contain any yucky off-cuts or unnecessary and unhealthy fillers. Natural meaty treats would be perfect.

  12. Seldov says:

    My Rotty LOVES his treats … handy when at the vets – lets us do anything that needs to be done

  13. Tayla Neil says:

    Our Labrador recently raided the doggy treats jar so its time for a refill. What a great product for our lovely best friends.

  14. Olivia says:

    my two cocker spaniels, joe and stanley, would love these Vitapet treats as they are always learning and practising tricks and need to be rewarded.

  15. claudia says:

    My dog’s vitality is thanks to Vitapet tenders because she has a tender spot for them

  16. Brooke Clark says:

    My dog would love to win this as these are his favourite brand of treats and I’m sure he’d love to taste the other flavours too !!

  17. JaxonAndJet says:

    Jaxon knows that if he’s a good boy, he gets rewarded with his favourite Vitapet Tenders treat, so he’s always on best behaviour! Good dog!

  18. Antoinette says:

    Mum would love me to win these treats please! I am only new and keen and eager to try new things – particulary yummy things! – thanks!

  19. Terri Todd says:

    Because like myself, my beautiful (big) baby boy loves a variety of textures and flavors

  20. lindasteabben says:

    My dog’s a little tired of my homemade dog treats and says he deserves more!

  21. Anu Sing says:

    My Dog Browny would love these as he is a big german shepherd and loves his treats and also deserves it for protecting his family members.

  22. Iccara says:

    Missing out on the Easter Egg hunt, my dogs would love to play hide and seek with something that wont make them sick.

  23. Kell Bal says:

    My Cavalier has never tried Kangaroo or duck …. she needs to broaden her culinary horizons!

  24. My dog Bez loves only the best treats, and he sure loves Vitapet. I think he loves that its real meat!

  25. Gerard Egan says:

    Little Mojo loves his morning treat
    Something tasty yet good to eat
    These treats look first rate
    Winning some would be so great

  26. Seldov says:

    My Rotty (Beeza) just goes nuts for Vitapet Tendors – 50kg of dog running at you when he smells them is the funniest thing i seen

  27. Mary Phillip says:

    My buddy Browny would love these treats, so he can have them for evening snack while I have my evening snack.

  28. Duck tenders is Miss Toffee’s most favourite treaty. She will provide plenty of puggy kisses in return!!

  29. says:

    My lovely friend, Jenny, is 12 years old maltese.She loves to play with people and having delicious treats like VitaPet. I want to win VitaPet’s real meat tenders for my special Jenny!!!

  30. angels22 says:

    Oh my goodness Gypsy loves VitaPet especially the chicken and Duck tenders she would truly do so many things for this prize like stay, wait, rollover, beg, spin, and so on, her favourite dog treat.

  31. My little moodle has been learning where his invisible lines are at the beach when he fishes up and down the shore line. He deserves the best treats.

  32. Bordercollie says:

    My dog would love these as a training reward as I hope to do agility soon!

  33. Kathy Clark says:

    As he jumps for joy when i feed him Kangaroo

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  34. We compete in Agility and I always love rewarding my SBT with wonderful treats. We would love to win some of these.

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  35. lauraemily says:

    My dog would love these treats as she loves earning rewards during our training sessions, these would be perfect!

  36. My miniature pinschers love Vitapet treats for their training sessions! It is amazing what they will do with the right motivation 🙂

  37. Sammy Symons says:

    As a trainer, I recommend Vitapet treats to all my clients! My dog Sprocket absolutely goes na nas for them!

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  38. Aimee Tatham says:

    Tender love is all we crave! I have my chocolate after a long day, rough he says! Vitapet me and make my day!

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  39. To quote our vet this particular breed(caviler King charles), are “pigs”.
    Having said that she eats like same said….we have tried various treats and the one that sends here into a frenzy , like a pig looking for truffles, is the chicken variety….with the duck a close second.

  40. xena888888 says:

    Kira is a very active kelpie and loves please us with her obedience and tricks, so she deserves the very best of treats, Vitapet tenders.

  41. Miko says:

    Which dog would not love to win this?? Plus ours is LabradorX, who will love chicken, kangaroo, duck, and beef equally!

  42. Rebecca says:

    The range of tenders, oh so much delight, from vita pet, the dog’s have a good life!

  43. pennybaxter says:

    My boy loves Vitapet treats he thinks they are absolutely delicious. I give them to him as they are one of the healthier treats around with no fillers.

  44. Deborah says:

    Destiny goes berserk jumping all over when he knows he’s getting duck tenders so I can only imagine his excitement at smelling the other flavours!

  45. SarahJP says:

    My dog would love to win,
    Would give her the biggest grin.
    She’d enjoy these tasty treats,
    Full of delicious, premium fresh meat!

  46. mmoo1 says:

    A wonderful reward for Sam Moodle always happy to see me, waiting with a smile on his face, regardless of day I’ve had.

  47. Lara Gill says:

    Having a diabetic dog who suffers from pancreatitis, vitapet real meat tenders are fantasic. Other products on sale, just make her sick. Bella loves her chicken and kangaroo tenders daily.

  48. dogsrule91 says:

    i have an assistance dog in training and she loves these treats 🙂

  49. Mandy Graham says:

    My dog loves her meat treats.

  50. sarahmary92 says:

    Brutus, our English mastiff is 10 weeks old so we are going through training in every way. He loves vita pet already, so these would be a great training took for us.

  51. “Nakita” my service dogs and I would love to win a vitapet gift pack, because to train Nakita as a assistant dog requires lots of praise and yummy healthy treats and each treat is well deserved as “Nakita” helps her human mummy cope every day living with a rare disease. We prefer to use something healthy,natural and nutritious treat to Keep Nakita fit and well. Vitapet packs all this in to their treats.

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