DogsLife has three six-issue subscriptions to give away!

June 19th, 2017
DogsLife has three six-issue subscriptions to give away!

Get every issue of DOGSLife delivered straight to your door with a subscription to your favourite canine-focused publication. Packed with news, information and heart-warming tales, this magazine is all about the four-legged members of our family that take up so much room in our hearts.

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Competition closes August 24, 2017. Winners drawn on September 7, 2017.

Please remember to sign in and update the Contact Info for Competition section and read the Condition of Entry before entering.

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18 Responses to DogsLife has three six-issue subscriptions to give away!

  1. JaxonAndJet says:

    Dogs Life magazines have always been a valuable guide and interesting read ever since we welcomed our sweet dog Jaxon into our family in 2006!

  2. thi_alv says:

    This would be a great resource in my Responsible Companion Animal Ownership course I am currently studying.

  3. Reading Dogs Life on the train to work will be far more entertaining that a dull morning newspaper.

  4. rwbca_agility says:

    I’d love to win the subscription, it would save me from going to the public library to read it when they don’t them all!

  5. Paigerowe says:

    Dear dogs life.
    Im a 22 year old from New Zealand. I have a nine year old fur baby, a border collie called Maddie she is so intelligent and is always keen to learn new tricks. Over the last two years iv been working hard on my career change in the pet industry iv been studying certificate in companion animals and working at a pet store and doggy day care. A subscription to your magazine would help me so much.
    tail wags and kisses
    paige and maddie

  6. Jenny says:

    We would love this. Can read to Mr T before bed in the long winter months!

  7. says:

    Dear Dogs life,
    My human moma is always reading boring magazines full of clothes and the odd chew toy (shoes!) it would be great to have something to read that’s all about me for once!
    Love and licks
    Darcy the pug

  8. rmann says:

    Dear Dogs Life,
    I write this on behalf of my owner who is in need of a bit of help and a few tips, I know im a bit of a handful but I think your awesome magazine could definitely help us both along

    Love and Licks,

  9. admittedtrouble says:

    A magazine of canine pals, of the news, products and tails a wagging, what better way to start the day, than reading into my favourite companions.

  10. damitdog says:

    I’m disabled now with a 60 degrees curvature of the spine that is curving an extra 1.5 degrees per month and there is nothing that can be done by the doctors to help me. I only got this Severe Scoliosis just over 3 years ago, and up until 18 months ago I used to play ball with my 4 dogs for 2 hours a day, now I use 2 walking sticks and can only walk 10 meters before the pain forces me to rest. Being on a pension now, and my medical expenses are huge, so I really don’t have the funds left over to afford such a little treat as a magazine normally. Therefor to win a subscription would mean a lot to me.

  11. says:

    This would be a wonderful gift for my son who has a 10month old Husky

  12. Monty says:

    Yes please!! Love it!

  13. jgbarrett says:

    Magazine subscriptions don’t fit on a tight budget, but winning one would make my day.

  14. says:

    I am an addicted borrower of Dogs Life from my local library so to have my very own copy would be a dream come true!

  15. shannona97 says:

    As I live in NZ we don’t have much magazines at all like this available in store. I love keeping up to date and in the know of other like minded dog lovers. I would love to win a subscription to this awesome dogs life magazine.

  16. Jody Smith says:

    With a DogsLife subscription we could stay up to date with the latest poochy trends, events, health and well being.

  17. I’d love to win a few copies of your magazine. The articles look great.