WIN! 5 x PetSafe Easy Walk Harnesses

June 23rd, 2015

The Easy Walk Harness from PetSafe Australia is designed to gently discourage dogs from pulling while walking on the lead. Unlike traditional collars, the Easy Walk Harness does not cause coughing, gagging or choking because the chest strap rests low across the breastbone. Its unique front-chest lead attachment stops pulling by steering your dog to the side and redirecting his attention towards the owner.

Dogs Life has has five Easy Walk Harnesses to give away. There are five sizes available so please specify which size you would like for your dog. **To enter, please leave a comment in the box below telling us in 25 words or less why you and your dog would love to win**

Entries close August 21, 2015 and will be judged on August 24, 2015.

Please remember to sign in and update the Contact Info for Competition section and read the Condition of Entry before entering.

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73 Responses to WIN! 5 x PetSafe Easy Walk Harnesses

  1. Would love a new harness for Tilly our shihtzu since our kids have misplaced her last one.

  2. Jimmy the Jack Russell and I love our quality time together! If only that time didn’t involve pulling, straining and coughing!

  3. lemon23 says:

    A “Staffy” grunt, everyone here we come, as she drags me along the street, an Easy walk harness would be neat

  4. Julie Ford says:

    so we can go for lots and lots of walks together outside with the kids

  5. bexibex says:

    Having a dog that likes to investigate everything, this harness would be a DOG-send!

  6. Vicki says:

    My German Shepherd is a powerhouse to walk! I have found a harness is the best method. We currently have another brand which is old.

  7. Jodie77 says:

    My Cavalier pulls in his excitement to walk so an Easy Walk Harness from Petsafe would protect him from injury while being easy to use

  8. My gorgeous pup,
    Loves to explore.
    Endless hours spent,
    Walking outdoors.

    Easy walk harnesses,
    Make walking a breeze.
    Making outdoors adventurous,
    For puppy and me!

  9. donkey12 says:

    My Labrador loves it outside,
    His personality can’t hide!
    Always pulling to explore,
    So being strapped in means he can’t wriggle away anymore.
    Size from this page:
    EW-H-M-RD-17: 51 – 71 cm Girth Size

  10. We have gone from 1 extreme to the other, previously had 2 StBernards and now have an adorable pug puppy, would love a harness for our new little man

  11. Harry Leek says:

    An Easy Walk Harness would be mighty good to take me Neo boy for a stroll. Make life a bit easier . 🙂

  12. My newly adopted friend needs an Easy Walk Harness to stop the embarrassing noise he makes after pulling on the lead excitedly! 😮
    Small size – Maltese x Shitzu

  13. Tamra Marsh says:

    My Samoyed loves walks “for sure”.
    But they feel like a Tug ‘o War.
    A Harness might change the pace.
    To “walk” not “SLED RACE”!

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  14. Maya my staffy and I love to hit the pavement, it would be so much more comfortable for her with an easy walk harness

    1. I forgot to add I would need a staffy sized harness

  15. matty665 says:

    i rescue abused and neglected dogs and rehabilitate them before being rehomed, pulling on lead is the number 1 issue i face, id love this harness to help out!

  16. So when I go walking my shoulder is not always being pulled out because the dog wants to be in front.

  17. bronwyn says:

    An easy walk harness would bring the joy of walking back to my crazy household and make it enjoyable again for all of us…

  18. Donna Dwyer says:

    My dog pulls like crazy on her leash when she sees a bird or water, I’d like a harness to protect her from neck injury!

  19. Va Nessa says:

    My 6’3 husband was pulled over by 37kg of labrador resulting in a broken foot! A large harness would bring joy back to the walk.

  20. Katie says:

    He gets so excited when he’s walking that he pulls til he’s choking. Be nice to not have the worry. He’s a small.

  21. Because she is the love of my life, I want Poppy to walk comfortably in an Easy Walk Harness. She is a large size.

  22. My otherwise obedient rescue kelpie pulls like a tractor on steroids when on lead. A Petsafe Easy Walk Harness would save her throat from damage. (Medium or Large would fit)

  23. PetSafe Easy Walk Harnesses have one really worked with my AMSTF, but too small, rubs on her legs need next size that would be perfect.

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  24. queenie says:

    my dog Max absolutely loves his daily walks, it’s the highlight of his day, he needs a new harness due to wear and tear

  25. Sara Bleys says:

    I have a lot of trouble walking my dog, he is rottie/bullmastiff, I think this could make it easier…..he is large 😉

  26. magicnoddy says:

    I need an XS to stop my Little man from pulling me arm off on walks.

  27. Jenny Feakes says:

    My little hyper Beagle would love this he’s super active and this could help train him to stay close to me.

  28. This would be perfect to help with the ongoing training of my rescue dog.

    1. Whoops should have said my dog is a Maltese shihtzu cross

  29. Kerry Green says:

    I would give it to my mum who takes her beautiful border collie walking every day.

  30. CJ Moore says:

    Patterson Valley Dog Rescue would love this for all their rescue dogs that need to learn how to walk on the lead.

  31. We have a puppy who is learning to walk on the lead, he pulls and struggles and then makes a choking noise. My kids are concerned he’s going to hurt himself. A harness would be great

  32. I’d love this to fit a border collie keep her on the reigns

  33. so we can all go and enjoy walks together instead of leaving one dog behind as i can never find a harness or collar to fit as she is only 2.7kgs

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  34. I recently lost all my dog training equipment and my car to battery acid. This would be an awesome replacement for my excitable dog! (American Bulldog- Large?)

  35. a Petsafe Easy Walk Harness would help curb my mini dachshunds “enthusiasm” for doing her own thing while on our walks as while she is small in stature she has a big attitude. (small)

  36. Jen says:

    Gentle and lovingly…..we can both enjoy our daily walk without uncomfortable restriction, coughing and choking. (Large)

  37. Natasha Meow says:

    Because I have an alaskan malamute x Labrador who is huge and loves to pull, her headcollar doesn’t help at all!

  38. Teghan Lucas says:

    Pugsley so needs one of these, he is a pug and cannot have a leash around his neck. He has put on a little bit of weight lately and has grown out of his old one. It was cheap so we really need one that will last him. Size medium please. Thank you

    1. Teghan Lucas says:

      My pug needs one of these, he is too chunky for his old one and we need one to last him. Medium please, thank you.

  39. Kell says:

    We love the front attachment it looks so comfortable. Bella loves her walks and then being carried back home!!! Small size please.

  40. Jim Riddle says:

    To walk with ease, which can be done with PetSafe Easy Walk Harnesses, and I we are both pleased

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  41. Ash McMorrow says:

    She always pulls on the lead no matter how what I do. he Easy Walk Harness would be perfect to stop her choking.

  42. caitimaggs says:

    My little pup will be ready for big walks soon and we want to get him ready hes an adventure and would love to have full control of him in harness before we set out he doesn’t really like his collar so this would really suit us. Size Medium please

  43. sbarker says:

    He loves his walks and this would be a great excuse to get out more often with A new harness to show off 🙂

  44. Julia Morton says:

    we would love to win as its keeps my dog safe and gives me peace of mind when out and about

  45. Malteness says:

    Ginny is helping me train for a half marathon – she is a great training partner and this would make her easier to keep up with!

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  46. shadow88 says:

    Mason loves a good walk (and RUN!) but we’ve only got a collar, its cruel to take him out with that, he pulls and chokes.
    Size L Please.

  47. itsme203 says:

    Maggie and I would love to win this because we both can afford to lose a few kilos and long walks would be great!

  48. kellie farley says:

    We would love a Easy Walk Harness for our dog Sage as he is very strong being a large breed dog (Maremma). Size Large Please

  49. sarahmary92 says:

    We always have our mastiff out and about so this would be a great present for keeping Brutus well exercised! The bigger size the better, he’s 55kg and growing!

  50. Sam Santillo says:

    Gherkin is an escape artist so the harness would be perfect!! She is 5kgs so I think maybe a small to medium size.

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  51. Brocky13 says:

    My rescue Jack Russell takes speed walking to the next level. Meaning this harness would let me be in control, a concept unfamiliar to Brocky. -size small

  52. claudia says:

    We would love to win a small Easy Walk harness because a good run around the neighbourhood gives us a happy and healthy workout

  53. InfernoFire says:

    My dog loves to her walkies and she’s a maltese cross poodle so maybe small.

  54. Id like to win especially for my dog as i think its the best quality you can get and i really could use won havent been able to afford to buy one and having trouble walking my dog on a normal lease without a harness when this would be so much easier id so much would like to be considered to win one plz

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  55. Monty says:

    I’d love to try one of these. My dog gets a bit too keen on walks and I’m worried about him pulling on the lead. He’s a King Charles cavalier so probably small or medium size

  56. Hyo-Yeon Kim says:

    My puppy will soon start outdoor walks and I want both her and I to have a blast. 🙂

  57. Since I had a back operation my dog got walked less and now pulls and lot and I can not walk her some days.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  58. my little jug needs this.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  59. Karen Ball says:

    I am still working hard on training our husky, and I think this harness would make things a little easier on my pup and my muscles. He would need a large size.

  60. lauraemily says:

    We are in the process of training my little maltese on our walks, this would be perfect for the tugging! She would fit size 30-40cm

  61. natalia.grana says:

    My staffy puppy Nellie is the hardest to walk out of my pack of four, this harness would be a god sent and make our pack walks so much easier and enjoyable

  62. Karen Warren says:

    Eddy is a jack russel n loves his walks but I hate using the choker on him

  63. teepee says:

    My pup loves to pull and it’s hard to find something to keep her safe and under control

  64. Jup says:

    My dog loves to walk and gets all excited so he pulls. A harness will help him enjoy his walks without worry of hurting him.

  65. says:

    So that I can walk my dog and he stops walking me! 🙂

  66. Amanda says:

    Bowen would love to win this so he could wear it on our daily walks and whenever he is out and about!

  67. scruffydog says:

    An easy walk harness will make a more pleasant walking experience all round.

  68. Mandy Graham says:

    I like having my dog in good walking control.

  69. CourtneyK says:

    When a puppy hits those ‘teen’ years getting him to pay attention on walks is such a pain- my bossy pup need this!

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