No Vac Foam Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser

August 27th, 2014
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Worried about your pets leaving odours in your home? No Vac Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser helps kill the bacteria lurking in your carpet that can cause these odours, leaving your home smelling lovely and clean.

Dogs Life has six No Vac Carpet Sanitiser & Deodorisers in “Fresh Pet” to give away.

**To enter, tell us in 25 words or less why you and your pooch would love to win in the reply box below.**

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36 Responses to No Vac Foam Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser

  1. Abby Lee says:

    This would be perfect for hiding the doggy odours when the mother-in-law visits!

  2. Bec D'owney says:

    My dog is a little ODOURwhelming right now so this would be cool.

  3. My Pup would love this because it would mean she would be allowed inside even when she hadn’t had a bath!

  4. bluberry says:

    Our Labrador seems to walk everything through the house after being outside, while im teaching him to wipes his paws this would be great!

  5. our landing on the stairway, chewy decides to pee winning No Vac Carpet Sanitiser & Deodorisers makes me happy and he wont sulk past it

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  6. My husband is close to banishing the dog outside because of the smelly carpet, I’m trying to hide the smell (unsuccessfully) with candles…

  7. Jen says:

    I enjoy the comfort and companionship of our canine companions, with No Vac Carpet Sanitiser and Deodorant on board, I will enjoy them even more.

  8. No Vac Foam Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser , will keep the house smelling fresh, so our fur babies can be inside more!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Stink one and stinky too, sadly, the occasional dog poo. My dogs get wet, they roll in mud, then come inside and drop down with a thud. No Vac save my smelly home, with your sanitiser and deodoriser magic foam!

  10. No Vac Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser was obviously made with our household in mind. Great idea!

  11. My Staffy pup Lilly thinks our formal lounge carpet is her scratching post! Help!

  12. I would l love to try this I have a border collie who lives inside, enough said right??

  13. I’d love this there’s nothing worse than my paranoia of pet smells throughout the house

  14. Kim Campbell says:

    We’d love to win No Vac Carpet Sanitiser & Deodorisers in “Fresh Pet” because the product makes our carperts smell so fresh.

  15. We just got a new puppy and within two days I have noticed the house smells like ‘dog’. I prefer ‘fresh and clean’. 🙂

  16. lisa_f says:

    Me and my pooch would love to win this so we can keep our humble home smelling like daisies!

  17. Would love my dogs beds to smell like flowers rather than the current corn chips!

  18. Can’ get enough of this product, its brilliant! I have two Labradors at home and we use this brand all the time on our carpets and rugs.

  19. I have two young dogs who love running around and jumping in puddles and then running through the house

  20. We foster and love it, but they often come smelly and unhouse-trained. Our current foster is pregnant so lots of accidents on the way.

  21. My dogs love making mess!

  22. Angelina says:

    My babies and I would love to win this as with dogs come accidents and with accidents come stains, smells and bacteria!!

  23. If it’s raining our dog is too much of a princess to go out in the middle of the night. With spring showers coming our way we will need this

  24. My puggy girl loves to do wee wees on her nanny’s carpet. Toffee would love to give nanny this to say sorry.

  25. Kara Ellen says:

    Perfect timing! We’ve just moved house and it’s taking a while for our two little ones to get used to peeing outside at the new house!

  26. brodie.collett2 says:

    I love to bring my dogs inside but mum doesn’t really like it because of the smell on the carpet that they leave sometimes. if she had some of this carpet deodoriser she would be much more happy because she would not have to vacuum. it would be a win win situation.

  27. Melinda Ann says:

    so that both daisy and i can sleep peacefully without any smells

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  28. sbarker says:

    the boy can get a bit smelly at times. so would love this for around the house

  29. Harry Leek says:

    No matter how hard we try it is hard to rid the house of that doggy smell. It would be sweet in every sense of the word to win No Vac Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser.

  30. I buy this every week and it really makes my home smell amazing

  31. Mary Phillip says:

    This would be great for my house as my dogs been spending much of his time inside the house as it is too wet outside and the whole house smell of him.

  32. Sheryl Brown says:

    Wet weather makes my dog stink and the house too. My dog would love No Vac so he didn’t feel so guilty sneaking in wet!

  33. sue1 says:

    Don’t usually have dogs inside but are looking after daughters dog as she can’t have him at the moment and he is a inside dog

  34. says:

    My little pug gets a bit too excited on the way to the park! The carpets in my car need a good clean! This spray would be great!

  35. missmackenzie_ says:

    I recently adopted a puppy and with house training underway there have been few accidents yet our house smells this would be perfect for us!

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  36. Tayla Neil says:

    Our pooch has had a few little incidents in the carpet lately, and it stinks! Winning this would be a blast for me and pooch.

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