Treats a la Bark organic dog treats sampler pack

August 22nd, 2013


These organic and low allergy biscuits for dogs are human grade, dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free, corn-free, made from certified organic ingredients, made in Australia, chemical-free, preservative free, no artificial anything! No nasties! The Sampler Pack has 50g of every flavour including Anzac, Apple Pie, Peanut Butter & Blueberry Barkscotti, Raspberry & Carob Barkscotti, Carob & Mint, Strawberry Shortcake. Find more at

Dogs Life has three sampler packs valued at $29 each to give away.

**To enter, tell us in 25 words or less why you and your pooch would love to win in the reply box below.**

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39 Responses to Treats a la Bark organic dog treats sampler pack

  1. gagootzz says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I’ve no more shoes left,
    And my dog needs something to chew!

  2. Bundy needs something to chomp on other than my hubby’s car which now needs a 5k paint job…

  3. Monty says:

    I love knowing that there are organic treats for my pooch. I have to eat wheat free things myself! Having my dog eat healthy treats would be great too. 🙂

    1. Annabelle says:

      We like to look after our health – regular walks and we love our day trips. Being a Labrador, my dog would adore these healthy snacks.

  4. banjo11river says:

    My Dog is sooo fussy with treats and only likes the best 🙂

  5. Yuko Doughty says:

    Our sweet schnauzer is going to love her new tasty organic treats since she is on a diet like me… ; P

  6. Kathryn says:

    I love to spoil my Brandy Girl and I’m sure she would love these.

  7. lisajb says:

    My response is not as creative but I have spent the last 11months looking for work …no income=crap treats would love to have a great surprise for my pup 🙂

  8. I would love to win these so my dog stops eating my dance shoes, and i’m guessing they taste much better!!

  9. snow says:

    the flavours sound amazing… they would definitely go down a treat!

  10. calannie123 says:

    Sounds much tastier than the postman’s bike which the dogs like to have a nibble on from time to time

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  11. lindasteabben says:

    I think it’s greed
    … but my whippet said it’s because HE thinks Whippets aren’t MEANT to show their ribs!

  12. lindasteabben says:

    Rocket thinks they’re yummy, … and I know they’re healthy!
    – Two happy customers!

  13. Kerry Green says:

    Am going next month to visit mum in Queensland and I always take her beloved collie some treats.

  14. My dog needs tender loving care what more can I say she’s the best!

  15. My two dogs might enjoy these more than pulling out weeds and leaving them at my back door. Theres also the issue of my husbands lawnmower that they mauled!……..

  16. Abby Lee says:

    My dog would love these as he has several allergies and is therefore restricted in which treats he can have.

  17. My doggy he loves a treat,
    always begging at my feet
    jumping all over the place
    should I show him one to his face 🙂

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  18. Emily Rose says:

    Because I know that these are good for them, with the added bonus of them loving the human food flavours!

  19. My little woofers would love their mummy to have some more biscuits for them when she gets home 🙂

    1. Andrea Munn says:


  20. Because it looks delish for doggies! 🙂

  21. scruffydog says:

    Only the best for my terrier Lucy, I don;t feed her junk. She would love these healthy organic treats.

  22. theres is enough toxins in the air as it is .. we know this as dogs are getting cancer too .. organic is the way to go !! yay ❤❤❤

  23. Brian says:

    My corgi will love these treats as she enjoys those flavours.It’s also reassuring to me that they are natural and chemical free.


  25. My miniature daushund Ruby loves snacks and Im sure she,d love to try these

  26. Nathan1723 says:

    My pup loves his treats and he would love new flavours way more than his liver treats.

  27. Faye says:

    Dustry would love to try these new snacks… Like her Mum, she loves biscuits… lol!

  28. Mikky says:

    I love organic dog treats for my Zaida, to help keep her happy and healthy, inside and out 🙂

  29. KenzieHamish says:

    Kenzie and Hamish would love to try these treats as they are sick of their Mum buying them the same old treats all the time!

  30. pippin says:

    These sound so delicious and healthy. Australian made for my Australian Cattle dog what could be better

  31. I would love my dogs to have Australian made organic treats in such yummy flavours.

  32. maddogdodge says:

    My dog would love a healthy and rewarding treat for when we are training, something he’d work for!

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  33. lauraemily says:

    My dog would love these treats as a reward for being well behaved on our daily walk!

  34. Honi says:

    these treat flavours sound great nothing like I have seen anywhere before, my dogs would love these for sure!

  35. Jo says:

    My girl would love them as it would not worry her allergy like some others do. I can see her drooling now.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  36. Mandy Graham says:

    I like giving my dogs a healthy treat for being good.

  37. Annika says:

    they sound yummy and like a healthy alternative for the dogs compared to other treats on the market – they’d get wolfed down in no time!!

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