Rufus & Coco Pee Here & Wee Away Spray

December 18th, 2014
Rufus & Coco Wee Away & Pee Here

The new Rufus & Coco Pee Here takes the stress out of toilet training with its special odour (inoffensive to humans) helping puppy remember where they should pee (RRP $12.99). For little accidents, Wee Away Spray (RRP $13.99) eliminates the smell and stain of any accidents. From larger Woolworths, pet stores & vets. #RufusandCoco

Dogs Life has five duos (includes one Pee Here and one Wee Away Spray) to give away.

**To enter, tell us in 25 words or less why you and your pooch would love to win in the reply box below.**

Please remember to sign in and update the Contact Info for Competition section and read the Condition of Entry before entering.

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14 Responses to Rufus & Coco Pee Here & Wee Away Spray

  1. tinkles2 says:

    This spray & drops would reduce my stress arising from the accidents that even the most trained canine can have.

  2. My two dogs are using disposable pads right now but I want to switch to washable pads and need something to let them know to use the washables. Not the carpet.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  3. Tayla Neil says:

    Hmmm, our little Labradore sure is guilty of having a few little excited wee wee’s here and there. This will help a fair bit!

  4. webbo10 says:

    keep the missus off my back about the pup having accidents inside

  5. Amanda says:

    I have two indoor cats who don’t get along, and one of them has accidents inside the house all the time because of the stress, so I could really use this!

  6. natalieelizabeth says:

    with a new pup in the house would make great progress for toilet training little dutches <3

  7. Gerard Egan says:

    A few little mishaps now that mojo is old
    So winning this prize would be gold

  8. Just rescued a puppy from terrible conditions. She is very nervous and pee’s herself while learning to trust again.

  9. dildohead says:

    This would be great, fur babies have their accidents and this helps so Daddy doesn’t growl!

  10. DIANA says:

    Love to win the Wee Away for all the little accidents that are happening in our new abode.

  11. lauraemily says:

    my two little dogs are fussy and won’t go outside when it rains!! this would help a lot

  12. Well with two little inside dogs who occasionally still have accidents this prize would be fantastic!

  13. Emily Zilm says:

    I’d love this to help toilet train my dog and to keep my house smelling wee free!

  14. Having an inside dog these would be great.

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