Rufus & Coco Breath Buddy

October 16th, 2015
R&C Breath Buddy & pup

Cuddles and smooches are a wonderful part of life with pets, but sometimes their breath may be a bit off. The Breath Buddy from Rufus & Coco is a professionally formulated liquid water additive for dogs and cats that helps to promote fresh breath and supports healthy gums and teeth. Easy to use, pleasant tasting, safe and gentle, its natural plant-based ingredients have odour-neutralising properties. Just drop one teaspoon of Breath Buddy into a bowl of clean fresh water (approximately 5mL per 500mL of water) and change it daily as usual.

Dogs Life has 15 Breath Buddy bottles to give away. **To enter, please leave a comment in the box below telling us in 25 words or less why you and your dog would love to win**

Entries close Dec 16, 2015 and will be judged on Dec 16, 2015.

Please remember to sign in and update the Contact Info for Competition section and read the Condition of Entry before entering.

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36 Responses to 15x Rufus & Coco Breath Buddy

  1. Imogen says:

    Oreo and I would love to win because I have noticed that she has really bad breath and I try to brush her teeth with this tooth paste for dogs but she won’t open her mouth because she doesn’t like it.

  2. mina1234 says:

    We give ella big brisket bones and chicken necks, but they do make her breath a bit smelly, but we still love her cause we are feeding her the best!

  3. yes cuss our dogs have some stanky ass breath these would really help them

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  4. Miss ruthy says:

    Because i want slopy kisses not stinky kisses!

  5. We would like to win this so I can give mum surprise clean smooches when she is sleeping!

  6. Ang Graham says:

    i would love to win this for my sisters dog amber she has bad breath and she insists on kissing everyone all the time,please please please lol

  7. nicolahando says:

    Bad breath leads to turning my pet away when it comes to snuggling time which I hate to do, Breath Buddy would do the trick.

  8. Ever woken up with a furry tongue, only to yawn and smell last nights dinner? Yes please we need a Breath Buddy bottle save our friendship

  9. mina1234 says:

    As a family we prepare ella’s two month worth of dinners with fresh meat, vegetables, sardines which makes her breath smell horrible! Lucky its healthy!

  10. Our dog Jett would love to win this so he could lick our cheeks and hands without us running away from his bad breath!

  11. Keanu Dodd says:

    My dogs a as cute as a button! They absolutely love cuddles and kisses. But they can’t kiss there mummy when they have stinky breath, minty breath is better!!

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  12. says:

    My dog is a cutie patootie and loves to cuddle but his breath smells like a rubbish bin! He needs this to give him some minty fresh breath ready for cuddles!

  13. Leah Cook says:

    snuggles are great at night on our bed but can’t go near her dog breath head!

  14. bexibex says:

    No one likes dog breath. It’s a HOWLER and the ultiMUTT in bad odour!

  15. Julie Ford says:

    nobody likes bad breath why should a dog be any different

  16. Scooby doo has had too many scooby snacks and now his breath sends me reeling back. Rufus and coco please save my nose.

  17. megande says:

    Moggy my doggie, her breath ain’t so fresh. From head to toe, Rufus and Coco is the way to go.

  18. Gayle Vos says:

    Shampoo and conditioner will get him smelling and looking clean, but OMG his breath is keen, Muttley and I would love to win, paws crossed

  19. I’d love this my dog needs fresh breath so I can go near her without wanting to dry reach

  20. My poochy poo kelpy has the breathe of a thousand bumholes and she loves cuddle wuddles with lots of kisses.

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  21. Ruby has doggy smile to melt a heart
    but her breath stops kisses before they start
    love a breath buddy win
    Let the love begin

  22. Deborah says:

    He’s my angel but his breath could bowl over a clove of garlic!! Destiny will be so much sweeter with Rufus and Coco Breath Buddy

  23. lindasteabben says:

    I still love my stinky dog, … but I’m not fighting change!

  24. Cyndi (the lemon beagle) farts incessantly and has bad breath, so it would be nice if one of her ends could smell good.

  25. Poppy would love this prize as she gets embarrassed when I tell her that her breath smells like rotten fish.

  26. sarahmary92 says:

    Brutus is super affectionate so we are forever getting kisses and snuggles but his breath can be a bit peculiar. I would love to treat Brutus to a breath buddy bottle and see what he thinks!

  27. this looks so good

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  28. Julia Morton says:

    great for when he feels affectionate and slobbery kisses me in the moment of happiness,and for when friends visit too

  29. sbarker says:

    Mr B had terrible breath and he would benefit from this when he wants to climb up and give you a big kiss

  30. Judi Damon says:

    My dog and I could both do with this Breath Buddy because he could do with a more sociable breath.

  31. Lucia Saal says:

    Maggie would like this because her breath is bad! I love kissing her but ewwww. This would make us both happy so we can kiss!

  32. lauraemily says:

    I would love this for my dog as after her wet food dinner she wants to kiss me with her stinky mouth!!

  33. pumelo says:

    Snow and I would love a chance to try Rufus & Coco breath buddy 🙂 snow is 12 and her breath isn’t always rosy.

  34. Niccie Den says:

    I would love this for my brothers dog cause his breath stinks soooooooo bad All the time!

  35. sckaiy says:

    Because summer means a ridiculous amount of panting from both of my dogs, usually straight into my face, which definitely doesn’t smell like flowers.

  36. to feel loved all year round

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