Rescue Ben

December 18th, 2013
Rescue Ben


This book is a story about a dog named Ben, who’s on an adventure to find his way back to his loving family. Though Ben has never been out in the world on his own, he will not stop his journey until he’s safely back with his loved ones, Roy and Molly. He befriends many people along the way and what he didn’t count on is that humans gets scared too, and need rescuing just like him.

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27 Responses to Rescue Ben

  1. I love a great read and my pooch loves a good cuddle

  2. lindasteabben says:

    As soon as I stop sobbing, .. I’ll read the rest of the story

  3. mazinadelaide says:

    Rain again… Doesn’t matter now.

  4. Kerry Green says:

    My mum would love to read this, she love everything about dogs.

  5. This would be a story close to home as Tilly is a rescue dog!

  6. sayanything says:

    This would be the perfect book to cuddle up with my gorgeous rescue boy Ziggy and read during the Winter… he is an amazing survivor of life on the streets so he could definitely empathise with Ben!

  7. Janelle says:

    There is nothing more heart warming than a story about a dog on an adventure – I just hope my pooch doesn’t get any ideas!

  8. My gorgeous foxies love a good story, we would be interested in reading the story of this brave doggie.

  9. sbarker says:

    Sounds like a classic dog story and we both love the classics

  10. dannismum says:

    I love a good dog story, and Bailey loves to lay at my feet when I read. Perfect!

  11. Awwwww any dog book is a great read .. Would love to read it

  12. bexibex says:

    This story may give my dog a new LEASH of life!

  13. we could lay on the bed together and read and relax and have some puppy time together.

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  14. I reed to my daughter every night, and we are always looking for good, positive and uplifting books

  15. what better way to enjoy us time than with a good book and a snuggle???

  16. Cathy says:

    I know my dog would protect and rescue me. She protects my 3 birds when they over balance on their perches – they love her.

  17. We rescued our pooch Joey from the pound but since living with us he’s rescued our family and brought us closer together.

  18. When I read I sit outside and my puppy sleeps next to me, I’m sure he’d love the extra cuddles he gets from it

  19. absndave says:

    I would love to win this book as I have heard great reviews of it!

  20. My pooch and I would love to snuggle up and read this book about the always everlasting bond of dog and his family

  21. An awesome story of bravery and perseverance – reminds me of my dogs who have seizures and persevere through all their difficulties 🙂

  22. Kathy Mason says:

    Reading this to my Xena means more quality time with her and she would listen intently.

  23. kellie farley says:

    My dogs love me having something to read at night so they can curl up next to me and know im not going to be moving for awhile!

  24. kazbah says:

    Whilst reading I love the fur baby snuggled up beside me and couldn’t possibly resist the gorgeous fur baby Ben drawing me in on the cover!!!

  25. He wouldn’t care as long as I feed him LOL

  26. My pup would love to win because he loves when I know more about dogs!

  27. cause we could snuggle up in bed and look at the pictures

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