The Puppy Express

June 18th, 2014
Puppy Express


David and his family decided to undertake a challenge of epic proportions – drive across the United States to Maine with 25 rescue dogs in need of a home. From challenges such as finding people and vehicles to transport the dogs, to making sure they stop to provide enough feeding breaks (and food!), this is a true tale you have to read to believe.

Dogs Life has two books to give away.

**To enter, tell us in 25 words or less why you and your pooch would love to win in the reply box below.**


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35 Responses to The Puppy Express

  1. There are five of us fur babies living here, you could say we are the canine royal family, Harry, William, George, Elizabeth and the exotic Xena, would love our human to gain some tips on road trips

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  2. Michelle says:

    Tess would love nothing more than lounging on my lap while I read. But she’s not a puppy anymore, so the book’s only short, right?

  3. bexibex says:

    This would allow my dogs to watch and PAWS for thought after a RUFF day!

  4. Tania Foster says:

    My two favourite things – books and dogs, what’s not to love about that.

  5. I recently lived my own puppy express on a roadtrip with five puppies, so an adventure with 25 dogs i must read about.

  6. mina1234 says:

    I’m a great supporter of rescue shelters which helps dogs have a second chance at life, this book may influence me in becoming a volunteer!:)

  7. Suzie Sims says:

    pooch and i would really love to know what could go wrong?? curiosity consumes us! woof!!

  8. 25?! Wow, we thought handling two rescue dogs was difficult! This would be a great book for me and my mum to enjoy… and maybe feel a little better about the 8 paws running riot in our house!

  9. fultonclan says:

    Would love to win! This combines my two favourite pastimes! Reading a good book and pooches!

  10. David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter books are my all time favourites. Now I can read one to Poppy (my wonder dog).

  11. Something for us to both snuggle in bed

  12. Danni Mason says:

    25 dogs would be my dream, if only I had space for them all, love a good book to dream away with, puppy love!!

  13. I would love to read Puppy Express because it seems like just the right sort of cheerful, delightful book to cure the Winter blues!

  14. biscuit77 says:

    We can read it on our own puppy express to Queensland!

  15. kellie farley says:

    My rescue dog would love to sit next to the river with me and read “The Puppy Express”. We love true stories with happy endings!

  16. casslog says:

    I would love to watch this not only with our beautiful Staffy Maggie but her four best friends. ( My children)

  17. Charlotte2876 says:

    It would be amazing if me and my puppy won this. She would try sniff out a puppy express!! We would have blast reading it.

  18. Kara Ellen says:

    Every night I read in bed with my two little chihuahua X cuties, I bet they’ll love it if I was reading about other furry friends!!

  19. I read aloud to my dog when I’m home alone and have no one else to talk to and she loves when I mention words like puppy, car or dog

  20. MichelleAnn says:

    25 dogs!
    We’ve got one.
    Travels with us,
    Road trips, fun.
    Can’t drive a car,
    He can read.
    The Puppy Express,
    A book he needs.

  21. de3 says:

    On the sofa with 1 dog…what could go wrong?

  22. ella says:

    Me and my puppy would love to read this book it would be a fun time together reading

  23. He’d love it if I read to him! 🙂

  24. Mel Howells says:

    I can relax and read the book at the beach whilst Ralph explores the ocean line

  25. A road trip with two dogs can prove difficult in our family so reading a novel with 25 would make our issues pale in comparison.

  26. sue66b says:

    Finally at night, when Patchy is sound asleep, I put up my feet & would love to read Puppy Express, it looks really neat.

  27. Soon to be travelling around Australia with my two bordercollies,will be a great read, and inspiring me I could do that.

  28. Kylie T says:

    Maximus and I would treasure reading this inspirationally heart-warming tale; a wondrous journey filled with kind generous humanity and beautifully beloved companionship, extraordinarily expressive!.

  29. DIANA says:

    My pampered pooch loves being read to, so why not a story that will be of interest?!

  30. dildohead says:

    Everyone loves puppies, especially us. Nice book to enjoy together as we snuggle on the couch.

  31. Miss Toffee and I are looking forward to jumping on board the puppy express!!!!

  32. mina1234 says:

    True stories about animals are life changing as it assists me in making a change to other less fortunate dogs out in the world

  33. This looks like a great read! I would love to win this book and looking forward to reading it!

  34. charlottejoy says:

    Joy and I would love to win, it would be perfect to read snuggled up on the couch together! we would enjoy it !

  35. cause we would have so much fun with this

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