PetSafe Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly

October 17th, 2014
BB-NOB & Dalmatian mix_HR

The durable nylon and rubber Nobbly Nubbly provides multiple treat options for longer lasting playtime. Use with Busy Buddy treat rings, or fill the grooves with your dog’s favourite spreadable treat, such as peanut butter or cheese. They are available in XS, S and M sizes.

Dogs Life has five Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubblys to give away, valued from $14 each.

**To enter, tell us in 25 words or less why you and your pooch would love to win in the reply box below.**

Please remember to sign in and update the Contact Info for Competition section and read the Condition of Entry before entering.

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35 Responses to PetSafe Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly

  1. This may help our teething puppy to stop chewing the kids arms as relief…

  2. This would be a great way to entertain my dogs while I’m at work!

  3. OMG Missie would absolutely love this toy if the other dogs didn’t try to pinch it.

  4. reneewest1118 says:

    This would definitely help my little rescue dog “chew” up some of his energy and save him from eating another pair of my mums glasses!

  5. percikchicken says:

    A chewer since birth, our garden not the same, we need a treat like this, so Rei may be tamed.

  6. This would help keep my guy happy since his little companion passed away 2 weeks ago and he is sad

  7. says:

    My American Bulldog Daley would LOVE this toy!

  8. This product looks great! Would love to spoil my Lulu with this!

  9. Being a chewy staffy, baby Sophie needs her buddy nobbly nubblys to keep her out of trouble And away from my shoes

  10. Nothing better than giving my sammoyed treats and not having to worry about if it’s bad for her!! Except her smile when she gets one!!

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  11. nedsue says:

    What a great toy for big chewers and versatile too! Everyone would be content with this.

  12. JaxonAndJet says:

    A Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly toy would keep my playful pooch entertained for hours every day! It would be a dream come true for him!

  13. Katie Jones says:

    My best friend Pogo destroys every chew toy he gets. It would be a god send to give him a toy for Xmas that will keep him occupied and most of all last.

  14. Lucia says:

    My dog loves to eat, but needs a bit of motivation to play. This would be perfect!

  15. Mary Phillip says:

    My dog Browney need the rubber Nobbly Nubbly to distract him from all festive firework!!

  16. Anything that is a toy and anything that involves food is my pug Toffee’s favourite!

  17. Kim Campbell says:

    The Nobbly Nubbly medium would be a great distraction for the dogs while I’m not home, it would certainly keep them busy and quiet.

  18. Anu Sing says:

    My little brother (my dog) would love this as he loves chewing and almost chews up everything he gets a hold of.

  19. Monty says:

    My little boy Monty would just LOVE a Nobbly Nubbly! What a great looking toy! He’d probably need a small size if possible please!

  20. Kylie T says:

    Maximus would love this heart-warming surprise; the perfect prize for a pampered pooch who treasure’s snacks which are deliciously yummy for his growing tummy.

  21. rwbca_agility says:

    I have 5 active dogs, and I’m sure they’d love to win this! It’d be very helpful for training. Thanks!

  22. lauraemily says:

    My little maltese would love chewing on this instead of bringing sticks inside

  23. KoKo Potter says:

    I always loose my treat toys three kongs have gone missing. Your’s is bright so I could look after it. KoKo

  24. Deb Rawlins says:

    I’m sure my Sheikha would much prefer to chew on this than my shoes? I know I would prefer that. 🙂

  25. Tayla Neil says:

    Our pup gets a bit bored during the day and tends to take out his boredom on the garden and his bed. This could help.

  26. Lani Steele says:

    My Ruby loves toys and food, how clever combining the two, this would entertain her for hours!!

  27. I’ve just rescued a gorgeous puppy who needs some joy in his life and would love to chew one of these!

  28. Angelina says:

    My 3 dogs and I would love to win this… especially my staffy, he chews every and any thing!!

  29. angels22 says:

    Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubblys, sounds great, looks like great fun, for my little busy buddy Gypsy to occupy herself, her paws up for one saying me, me, me.

  30. My boy Chase (jrt x chihuahua) would love this toy would keep him busy for hours always gotta have a toy in his mouth (small)

  31. odietheassistancedog says:

    I always get bored when I have to go to school with my handler. I think this would keep me occupied!

  32. My hyped up JRT would love this toy! He loves chewing things and always has to have something in his mouth, this would be perfect!

  33. Sheryl Brown says:

    My dog loves me, I love my dog and I think he would love me a whole lot more if I gave him a Nobbly Nubbly to chew on.

  34. Ollie Chamings says:

    My Ollie would love this he loves toys especially new ones!

  35. Mandy Graham says:

    My dog would have a ball with this.

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