Miyow and Barkley Little Rippa ball

June 19th, 2013
Miyow and Barkley Little Rippa ball


The Little Rippa is a gorgeous chocolate and vanilla coloured plush ball. Finally your pooch can have something he is allowed to rip up! This ball can be ripped apart by your pet into six pieces and can be put back together again. It is made with faux fur and comes apart with Velcro. How much fun can one furry friend have in one day! For more information visit www.miyowandbarkley.com.au

Dogs Life has two Little Rippa balls to give away.

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39 Responses to Miyow and Barkley Little Rippa ball

  1. angels22 says:

    I can see little Gypsy ripping the Little Rippa up having so much fun thinking she has destroyed it

  2. Julia says:

    My Jack Russell/ Red Heeler (Ally)Tears apart any toy of hers. This toy would be great because she would not get told off.

  3. It would be great to have something my 2 Jugs are allowed to pull apart instead of picking up stuffing and pieces of toys.

  4. Boxers rule says:

    Great toy Dexter would love this one which can be reassembled after he has pulled it to pieces, cant wait to see his head on one side with him thinking how did she put that back together again after I worked so hard to destroy.

  5. Sasha Lange says:

    Oh my 15wk old Zoe would love tearing this Rippa apart, and she may even share a piece or two with our 13yr old Husky!

  6. Winston would love one of these toys…..he is the master of destroying toys..how wonderful I could put this one back together !

  7. wendyelliotcorky says:

    My 6 month old pup Elliot has just gone through surgery, but still has ongoing problems, he is no longer allowed to chew or eat anything hard so this toy would be perfect for him.

  8. liz.gravener says:

    My boy’s toy raccoon has died a thousand deaths – and I can’t put him back together like I could the little rippa 🙂

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  9. brucesmum says:

    Something fabulous for Bruce to play with (ie destroy) while I am at work.

  10. girl says:

    has her mad moments with her toys very cute

  11. Andrea Munn says:

    Both my dogs love soft toys and don’t destroy them

  12. magicnoddy says:

    I’m fed up with buying new toys because my pooch keeps ripping the stuffing out of them. This would be great.

  13. dildohead says:

    Love to win, in the hope a rippa ball won’t get ripped open like all the rest do!!!!!!!!!

  14. My dog is maltese x pom and he loves toys that stimulate his mind. His favorite toy is on his last legs. I know he would enjoy playing with this new one.

  15. ernesto69 says:

    Fun, fun and more fun!! Balls are his daily pleasure, the playing ones, not his attached ones!

  16. Lynn Robson says:

    With this toy they can both win, as can have a piece each when things get rough.

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  17. Di says:

    She loves surprises, new toys excite her greatly. Especially balls!!

  18. My babies favourite things to do are to tear up plush toys! This toy would enable them to do that without having all the stuffing mess to deal with!

  19. Chantel Hart says:

    Ben has an obsession with stuffing so being able to put this back together makes it the perfect toy for him!

  20. Nathan1723 says:

    Toby rips up everything he can get his teeth on. That would be heaven for him.

  21. my 8mth old and 11 mth old kelpie babys would love this toy, i have one who wants to cuddle the toys and one who wants to destroy them so this would be a fantastic medium.

  22. Sally Wallz says:

    Stuffed toy Kermit the frog will certainly appreciate a break from greyhound games while Rosie gets her teeth into this wonderful toy!

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  23. Jessmills3 says:

    My puppy Jedda loves to toss her toys around but they usually get ripped to pieces. The little Rippa would keep her entertained for hours.

  24. Carolyn says:

    I have 2 dogs obsessed with balls and going through them at an amazing rate. This could save our sanity

  25. Nicole Huang says:

    My Dory is always ripping up anything with fabric, it’s one of his many joys in his doggie life. This rippa would be perfect for him to tear apart without having to clean up the mess he always makes afterwards.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  26. Rippa ? Rippa ? Who said Rippa ? I want to Rippa my ball, says Ollie the 11month old Cavoodle . Ruff Ruff !!

  27. Ron Turner says:

    Hi my name is Banjo and my dog toy is all ripped, would love another ripper toy to play with

  28. Sophie says:

    My Maltese cross Pip loves playing piggy in the middle and this would be perfect.

  29. lauraemily says:

    My puppy loves soft toys to roll around on and cuddle up next to, this would be perfect!

  30. dallas says:

    We have three rescue dogs… a Chihuahua cross named Ruff, a Maltese x Schnauzer named Millie and a Jack Russell named Max. Ruff loves to fetch his soft toys, Millie steals them and pulls them apart and Max loves to shake them to death! The Little Rippa would keep them all happy!

  31. Max the Furry says:

    Max loves tearing up his fluffy toys and with this he would have lots of fun ripping it apart again and again. 🙂

  32. Wow! This is such a great idea! Our little Lulu will love this awesome toy!

  33. LaurenB says:

    Angie would love this! She’s a terrier so she rips a lot of toys apart, except for this one!

  34. KenzieHamish says:

    Kenzie would love one of these! She loves to pull her toys apart and this one we can put back together and do it all over again!

  35. Kevin Newman says:

    A ball is Cynder’s favourite thing and she loves to pull things apart! This would be the best for her!

  36. Amee says:

    Well our dogs name is Ripper, doesn’t that say enough?

  37. Emma Thoseby says:

    This toy would spare the lives of the other toys with my dog as they get ripped into more than 6 pieces!

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  38. Mandy Graham says:

    My dogs love playing ball.

  39. udkas says:

    My fur kids are toy mad, this would keep them entertained. You rippa!

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