Life Skills for Puppies

February 24th, 2014
life skills


This stunning book by Helen Zulch & Daniel Mills offers 10 key life skills that all puppies need. With detailed images, worksheets and instructions, each chapter enables owners to spend less time directing their canine friend and more time enjoying their company.

Dogs Life has four copies to give away.

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32 Responses to Life Skills for Puppies

  1. Julie Ford says:

    train our little puppy just like I train the kids

  2. MAXout says:

    I believe this book will help me develop a stronger bond with my puppy and Iā€™m sure my puppy would want the same! šŸ™‚

  3. dannismum says:

    What a cute book! I love dog/puppy books – the pictures always make me smile! Usually a few good tips too.

  4. lorit1 says:

    My daughter has the cutest, smartest, naughtiest and craziest new puppy I have ever met. I want her to grow into an amazing dog instead of one that is just trouble.

  5. It’s important for your mate to be sociable and disciplined, love to learn more about all this and we can learn together.

  6. I would love to have more control of my wonder dog, Poppy, but lack the skills. This book could guide me.

  7. Sharon Gock says:

    My dog Rhett is very stubborn, so I’d love to learn how to get him to listen to me more and control him better.

  8. Harry Leek says:

    Two passions love my dog ,and reading.You can never know enough about your dogs behavior or the reason they behave as they do.

  9. Hayden says:

    I just want my dog to be able to open and close the door to let himself in and out

  10. udkas says:

    I am expecting a new fur baby and know how important those early days with a new pup are. This book would be great.

  11. Because I love when my dog read me a book šŸ™‚

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

    1. Robyn Lister says:

      I’d give this book to my Son for his 8 month old dog who needs teaching, I’m sick of him visiting and causing havoc.

      Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  12. It would be great to learn how to bond with my dogs better.

  13. This would help me in raising my foster puppies.

  14. Di says:

    My pooch would love this, it means manners for her new little sibling…who’s cute but naughty!

  15. handyandy says:

    We found out three months ago our sweet puppy is deaf so we need extra help with training!! This book would be fab!!

  16. Angelina says:

    Burt and I would love to win this book as he is such a cheeky pooch who could learn a thing or two!!

  17. thunderful says:

    My dog’s forever optimistic attitude toward life is what inspires me, and hopefully a new puppy will bring us both great fun and joy.

  18. Suds says:

    Winning this book would be a dream come true for our pup who currently gets too spoilt by everyone!

  19. modtang says:

    I love dogs and I also work with them so I would love to have this book for reference and to hopefully learn some new things.

  20. lauraemily says:

    My little maltese puppy is too spoilt and knows it! We need some tips and advice to help us teach her

  21. Sal Steedman says:

    Bobo’s still the naughty one after walks, treats, toys and fun. He jumps, escapes, digs and chews, my poodle pup gives me the blues! HELP!

  22. my new puppy really needs to learn some manners

  23. my new little puupy really needs to learn some manners

  24. Narelle Rock says:

    I really want my puppy to grow up happy and content, this book would help me make sure that happens

  25. Di says:

    My pooch would love this so when his little puppy cousin comes over to visit, he can learn some skills he seems to be lacking (as cute as he is).

  26. Alanah says:

    My puppy Austen and I would love this book, as this is a first for both of us. We are both learning and loving it!

  27. My New pup and I would love to win this pawesome prize! =)

  28. Debbie Russell says:

    I have shelties and would love this book on life skills for puppies.

  29. Jude says:

    The Human Canine bond,
    Is extremely important.
    A good book to read
    Would become a puppy consultant.
    Love, friendship,
    Provides the key to our relationship.

  30. Lila says:

    This book would be an excellent addition to my collection which will help me learn more about how my dogs learn and behave!

  31. I would love this book! My pooches are well rounded dogs, but it’s always great to learn new things and build a better bond.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

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