Fuzzyard cupcake squeaky toy

June 19th, 2013
Fuzzyard cupcake squeaky toy


Cupcakes are all the rage at the moment and Pets Palace has a huge range in this theme which includes toys, collars, leads, bowls and clothing. So if cupcakes are your thing, you will love these big and soft toys with a great squeak in the middle. Any dog would look super cute with one of these in their mouth — a definite photo moment. Check out the rest of the cupcake-themed items at the Pets Palace store in King St, Newtown, or online at www.petspalace.com.au.

Dogs Life has two blue and two pink cupcake toys to give away.

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30 Responses to Fuzzyard cupcake squeaky toy

  1. Yuko Doughty says:

    My daughter sometimes feels sorry for dogs not been allowed to eat cupcakes so this will make things fair now she says

  2. angels22 says:

    A squeaky cupcake, Oh dear Gypsy is going to have fun and the noise she would make if she won one.

  3. girl says:

    loves her toys

  4. Andrea Munn says:

    Both my dogs would love a cupcake that just looks like the real thing

  5. magicnoddy says:

    Busta always wants what I’m eating, now he can have his cake too.

  6. dildohead says:

    A cupcake to play with so they don’t sit and drool while I eat the one’s fresh from the oven!!

  7. ernesto69 says:

    Ooooh cake that won’t give him the runs!! Nice for both of us!!

  8. Di says:

    One can never have too many toys!!

  9. This would make the perfect birthday present for George’s 8th birthday in October.

  10. Chantel Hart says:

    My boy loves to have something in his mouth when he greets you at the door. This would be perfect!

  11. Nathan1723 says:

    My pup Toby loves to chew up anything bright. He would go crazy actually being allowed to chew on that.Please vote for Toby.

  12. with kora-leighs first birthday approaching this would make a great little gift

  13. Sally Wallz says:

    No more kitchen counter surfing for Rosie! She will love her squeaky cupcake while I enjoy my human one! Win-win… Woof woof!

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  14. snow says:

    cupcakes are cute just like my chihuahua!

  15. Jessmills3 says:

    My pug x beagle’s favourite treat is pupcakes (dog cupcakes). I can imagine the shock she would get when she discovered she couldnt eat it!

  16. Woof woof , I like cupcakes, yummy in my belly. ( Ollie the 11 month old Cavoodle says )

  17. bear says:

    my dog bear would love this as it is not only entertaining it also looks delicious

  18. lauraemily says:

    My puppy would LOVE this cute toy to play with while we humans eat our human food

  19. dallas says:

    Our little Chihuahua cross boy Ruff just adores his toys, specially squeaky toys! and we adore him! We love to shower him with new toys to show how much we love him.

  20. ellaladydog says:

    Lady my border collie x lab would love a cupcake because she loves to play, and she looves squeaky toys!

  21. Our little Lulu would love to play with a cupcake chewtoys. So adorable!

  22. LaurenB says:

    Angie eats everything except maybe not this one, she would love this to death and would be a very cute photo!

  23. KenzieHamish says:

    Kenzie and Hamish would love one of these so they can play keepings off with it from each other!

  24. Kevin Newman says:

    Cynder loves any toys that squeak and would absolutely adore these toys!

  25. Amee says:

    Ripper and Rusty would like to have a cup cake squeaky, so they can play tea party with their friends instead of tug of war!

  26. Emma Thoseby says:

    Molly loves soft toys but as a beagle she loves ones that look like food even more!

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  27. My pup Romulus cant eat people cupcakes but theres no reason why he cant give this one a good chew =)

  28. Mandy Graham says:

    My dogs love cool fun stuff.

  29. udkas says:

    Sadie & Alf would love a cupcake toy each just so they can squeek them when they want our attention!!

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